Most people scroll down to know the personality traits of their date before actually saying “yes” to them. But have you ever checked their “sexual traits” to know how steamy it can get? Knowing a potential date‘s sexual traits in advance is a smart hack to woo them and leave them gasping under the sheets. Also, realising your own strengths in bed can be a total game-changer. 

Each zodiac sign has its own unique sexual traits. However, every individual is different, and keeping things consensual is the most important thing. We reached out to Astro-Numerologist and Founder of Numrovani, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, and asked him to share each zodiac sign’s sexual traits. Read on to amp up your sex life armed with this knowledge!


Like all other areas of life, people born under this fire sign, love to dominate in bed. They are intensely passionate and filled with the desire of giving their best in every sexual encounter. Things are always action-packed and steamy with an Aries. 


Taurus showers you with lots of touching and kissing (and loves doing the deed under the shower). They are affectionate, gentle and take their time to feel deeply the pleasure of getting intimate. Unlike Aries, they like taking their pleasure slow.  


For Gemini, sex is fun, games, and getting a kick out of the chase. They purposely involve in extended foreplay to delay intercourse. Meanwhile, they love experimenting with new positions, role plays and oral sex. Also, don’t forget their fondness for dirty talk. 


This cardinal water sign seeks emotional intimacy over one-night stands. Ruled by the desire to feel safe and secure, they’re not a big fan of rough sex. Instead, they can be very sensual and submissive once they trust their partner. 


It’s hard to get enough of the charismatic Leo. For them, the bed is their stage and they are determined to give their best performance ever. They love to satisfy their partners and expect the same from them.


Imagine being a perfectionist in lovemaking. Well, that’s what makes you a Virgo! It may seem that they are reserved at first, when they’re actually taking time to analyse their partner before giving them exactly what they want. 


Linked closely with their lower back, they love to be spanked. Yet, the key to turning on a Libra lies in the balance. Be rough and turn them off completely. Be elegant and multiple orgasms await. Being a visual sign, clean sheets and sexy lingerie will win their heart. 


Have you ever wondered how Scorpios always leave you craving for more? Well, they are the sex sign of the zodiac. Ruled by their organs, their hypnotic aura and mystery makes sex with them all heat and fire. 


Sagittarians are irresistibly kinky in nature. They are open to experimenting and exploring wild fantasies while encouraging their partner to uncover theirs. Given the libido of these flirts, they face zero difficulties in satisfying their partners. 


Capricorns are reserved and old-school in an enticing way. For them, getting to know you come first, and undressing you comes later. Once the emotional connection is established, they take their partner to great sexual heights with their rugged endurance. 


Those born under this zodiac keep their sex life fresh and exciting by constantly trying new fetishes and positions. They are affectionate yet puzzling. While the sex is great, it’s hard to get an Aquarius to commit.  


Doing it with a Pisces feels like an out-of-this-world experience. They are highly empathetic and concerned about their partner’s desires. The last constellation of the zodiac fills the room with their hypnotic seduction and their erotic aura keeps you hooked all night long. 

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