Currently, we cannot step out of our homes due to the ongoing pandemic. This has led to some reduction in physical wastage and pollution in the environment. However, since everyone has shifted from offices to working from home it is important to decrease the over-excessive use of the internet, electricity, carbon footprint, etc. to help save the environment digitally. The environment is our home, without which we cannot survive. Therefore, on the occasion of #WorldEnvironmentDay, we urge y’all to start using these small and easy digital steps which will help in contributing to our planet.

Here are the 5 ways you can help the environment…

1. Streamline your inbox

Delete unnecessary emails | (Source: Shutterstock)
Delete unnecessary emails | (Source: Shutterstock)

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Delete all the unnecessary emails from your inbox, spam, trash section as well as all the unwanted subscriptions you have, unsubscribe to them. These unwanted emails are stored in a big data centre, which consumes a lot of energy. This energy is created by fossil fuels that directly lead to carbon emissions. So, the lesser the emails the better it is for the environment.

2. Reuse, repair and buy second-hand items

Repair and reuse your electronics (Source: Shutterstock)
Repair and reuse your electronics (Source: Shutterstock)

One of the biggest environmental problems with digital devices is how many do we buy and how quickly and easily we replace these existing models. We generally tend to use a smartphone for a period of two years max, but the recycling rate of the same is less than 5%. Every electronic device that is produced leaves out a carbon footprint due to its manufacturing process. So, you can try using second-hand electronics or even refurbished items for that matter.

3. Block auto-play videos

Unable auto download (Source: Shutterstock)
Disable auto-download (Source: Shutterstock)

Yes, block auto-play videos ‘cuz it adds to the digital carbon footprint. This is because they consume loads of bandwidth, which means more energy consumption and higher carbon emissions. There are many ways available on Google to block this option. Blocking unwanted videos is a resourceful way to reduce CO2 emissions during online browsing. It also creates an enjoyable and clutter-free experience.

4. Download instead of streaming online

Aakash Ranison a well-known climate change activist as well as a sustainability influencer strongly believes in spreading awareness about the environment through his content. He gave us 5 ways in which we could help save the earth on #EarthDay. Here’s an important point by him that can help you save the environment.

We all are watching entertainment shows and movies, download them rather than streaming online. This will cut down your carbon emission and will consume lesser energy from your PC and server.

We totally agree with him and the other points he has mentioned in the IGTV, so please have a look before you bounce, hehehe!

5. Lower your monitor’s brightness

Adjust your computer and monitor settings (Source: Shutterstock)
Adjust your computer and monitor settings (Source: Shutterstock)

Reducing the screen brightness will help save 20% of the energy that’s ideally consumed, thereby saving some amount of carbon emission. Also, if possible try to shut down your laptop every time you are done working instead of putting it on sleep or standby mode, this too will help in saving energy. Other connected devices such as a printer, scanner, etc. should be switched off as well.

We too are trying our best in applying these above-mentioned ideas as much as we can and so should you. In these days of global warming, your small contribution will greatly impact our environment. Wishing y’all a very happy #WorldEnvironmentDay once again. Let’s take a step towards conscious living!  Also, we hope all of you are staying home and staying safe.