The best thing about social media is that it connects different cultures and how! Over the past few years, we have witnessed that Korean pop and drama have been gaining popularity around the world. Well, speaking about India, K-Drama and Pop has surely made a mark. Be it Squid Game or Crash Landing On You, this genre has a massive fan following around the globe. What really took the Indian viewers by surprise was that their favourite social media star, Anushka Sen was spotted in Incheon, South Korea and that she is now all set to make her debut in the Korean industry. Interesting, right? Read on to know more about this.

Check this out:

1. 안녕하세요 (Hello) Korea!

Little did we know that Anushka Sen will surprise us like this! Her pictures with the Korean heart say it all, don’t you agree? Also, look at that grand welcome she received at the airport, she really has a great fan following in South Korea. Well, Anushka is all set to make her debut in the Korean entertainment industry and we are all for it!

2. Making new friends

The popular TV actress and digital creator posted some adorable and fun pictures with her Korean friends while prepping for her K-Drama projects. We bet, all K-Drama fans will agree that the highlight of these pictures is Anushka making the ‘heart-shape’ sign with her new friends, isn’t it the cutest?

3. With her Girl Gang

We have to confess that Anushka is straight-up giving us major FOMO. Wondering how? Well, the young sensation splashing her way with her girl gang is making us miss our squad too. Also, gosh she’s looking stunning here! Brb, sharing this with my girl gang and planning a pool day with them now, hehe!

4. Traditional Korean outfit

OMG, Anushka Sen wore a Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) for the first time! She looks like a cute doll here and we can’t deny it. Tbh, now you can’t blame us for saying ‘awww’ every time we look at her in this attire, can you? Love how Anushka is exploring the Korean culture to its fullest.

5. Exploring the streets of Korea

Anushka is vlogging, exploring the streets, and living her life in Korea. She really is making the most of the opportunity and we can’t get enough of her ‘Korean Diaries’ that are virtually transporting us to Incheon, Korea.

6. Latest update

Anushka Sen’s latest update on exploring and experiencing old Korea is just getting us super excited to know what’s brewing. Are you excited to see Anuska Sen in a K-Drama? We defo can’t wait to watch her debut in this industry soon, this is huge and we are super proud of her.

Sending lots of best wishes and Korean hearts all the way from India. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram to know more about your favourite influencers!