We love the fact that Instagram has become a medium to promote songs and trends through Reels. Before Instagram, a song would merely be just a song, but ‘cause of this platform it reaches more people and can become a trend as well. Similarly, since the release of the super hit, ‘The Punjaabban Song‘ everyone is jumping on the hook step and challenge of this song as it’s super catchy and easy to follow. The OG creator, Prajakta Koli is too a part of the movie, Jug Jugg Jeeyo and we can’t wait to watch her debut movie. So, find out which creators danced to the #FamStep.

Nach Punjaabban, Nach Pumjaabban!

1. Hands Down, Prajakta Koli


Here’s mostlysane showing us a gist of her work trip to London in the most fun and groovy way possible. Tbh, her POV is so true ‘cause if you ask us which is our current fav song, it would be this one for sure. Also, watch the Reel till the end as you’d get to watch her ‘naach‘ on the hook step of this song. Btw, we’re jumping with excitement to watch her slay in the movie, are you too?

2. Ruhee Dosani With The Iconic, Anil Kapoor


Ruhee is just shocking us all with each of her collabs! This Reel was totally unexpected by any of us and when we saw it we fell in love with it. Watching her add her Punjabi tadka to this concept was just like a cherry on the cake. And Anil Kapoor‘s signature steps are a treat to our eyes. If such feel-good Reels don’t uplift your mood we don’t know what would.

3. Dhanashree Verma


Dhanshree who earlier this year collaborated with Varun Dhawan dedicated this Reel to him. Her love for dancing can totally be seen through this energetic Reel. Isn’t she just like all of us who gets excited hearing about a new song and then hops on them at home itself? Also, she added a nice touch to the song by wearing an Indian outfit!

4. Vishal Pandey With His Dad


OMG, Vishal gave us such a cute and wholesome surprise with this Reel. The excitement in which he pulled his dad into the frame totally showed his love for him. As much as he enjoyed shooting this we loved watching it. Also, we have to apologize to Vishal ‘cause we defo agree with his caption about his dad stealing the limelight.

5. Vicky Patel With His Team


What really caught our eye in this Reel is the fact that he added his own lil‘ choreography to the beats of this song. We surely want a tutorial from him for the same now, hehe. His energy really got us hooked to his Reel and instantly made us hit the like button. If you guys haven’t checked it out yet, switch your tabs right away!

6. Kartik & Rohit From MJ5


We can’t ever get tired of their smooth moves, can we? The way they do the shimmy while doing the hook step kept making us watch their Reel again and again. Also, let’s not forget about the quick transition that didn’t even catch our eye, it’s too damn good!

Tbh, we’ve been hooked onto these hook steps so much that if you wake us up at midnight and ask us to dance, we’ll do it, haha. So, keep dancing and entertaining us with all your Reels, ‘cause it’s never enough! On that note, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave trends, influencers and creators. Stay safe!