Kriti Sanon needs no introduction at all with her versatile acting prowess. Ever since her debut film 1: Nenokkadine in 2014, watching her on the golden screen has been nothing short of a delight. Over the years, she’s proven to the audiences that romance, comedy, action and thrillers are all her genres! On most occasions, Kriti’s fans often laud her for her impeccable fashion sense. I mean, just take a look at all of the stylish outfits she’s donned. 

However, as much as we’d love to praise her skills onscreen and fashion choices, we’re here to shine a limelight on something else. Her oh-so-stunning makeup, that’s always making a smashing statement. What we absolutely adore about Kriti’s makeup looks is how she isn’t afraid to experiment with her eyes at all. While we do see her sport the classic smokey eye or even the quintessential rose gold eye, we also see her jump out of the box with colourful choices from time to time. And what’s makeup if there isn’t some playfulness involved, amirite? Personally, every time I’m looking for some celebrity makeup inspo, Kriti is always my go-to. 

Kohl Me Maybe

We’ve all begun our makeup journey with a lil bit of kohl, haven’t we? Or was it just me? Kohl is an excellent tool to enhance any makeup look and take it from a 0 to a 100. Kriti is seen with her under-eyes lined with kohl and her eyelids lined with them too. If you’re looking for some intense eye action, this look is it!

Smokey Fun

I know we said smokey eyes are a classic, but we just couldn’t resist it! The perfect accessory to a blingtastic outfit like Kriti’s here is a bold smokey eye. Instead of focusing on the incorporation of neutral hues to balance out the eyes, her eyes are all black and we’re here for it!

She Likes Pink

Hey, pink happens to be on every beauty and fashion mood board lately and we’re not complaining! Kriti’s eyes are loaded with some shimmering pink eyeshadow that complements her glitzy outfit perfectly. Matching your eye makeup to your fit is something you can never go wrong with.

Burgundy Appeal

Alright, by now we’re certain that Kriti enjoys matching her eye makeup and her outfits! How stunning is this rich, burgundy eyeshadow on her? A royal colour that makes her brown tresses pop, we STAN

Lilac Shine

Soft, sparkles on the eyes are always a win if you ask us. Especially if they happen to be a pastel-hue! This subtle lilac shimmer really brings out the brown in Kriti’s eyes, don’t you think so?

Mermaid Magic

Kriti is defo not at all afraid to have fun with her makeup. This colour-blocked makeup look with teal on her eyelids and hot pink on her lower lash line just proves it!

Splash Of Colour

Contrasting vibrant colours always make for a great beauty experiment. Kriti’s purple eyeshadow adds just the right dash of excitement to her white and blue outfit.

Eyeing The Greens

Another case of Kriti’s eyes matching her fits is added to the books with this royal green eyeshadow. The fact that even her lower lashline is graced with this metallic hue, brings the whole look together!

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