Bollywood is always buzzing with loads of news. And while so much hustle-bustle is going on all around, we have come across some information which will probably be the best news of 2022!

So, this Bollywood couple who took the plunge recently is all set to be parents. The leading actress and actor are pregnant and expecting the baby in December. Well, we aren’t naming them as removing the cat out of the box will almost be like stealing their thunder. But, you don’t have to wait longer as we hear that the official announcements will happen soon. We are supremely happy and excited about this news and are only waiting for the announcement day now!

Both the actors are super adorable, and we are already expecting major #ParentGoals! Workwise they have a super busy year ahead, but now it looks like 2022 is going to be extra special, with love, movies, and a baby on the way. Stay tuned!