There are often times when life ends up leaving us with a strong lesson. What affects me the most is to learn that someone who is blessed with immense talent faces a rather bad health ailment. And knowing about international singer Justin Biebers health condition has left me really concerned. In case you don’t know, recently, Justin shared a video on Instagram sharing how the right side of his face has been paralyzed due to a neurological defect called the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. As a result of this health condition, the young artist has had to cancel many of his live concerts too.

Watch the video here:

What is the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is like a painful rash around the ear, on the face and the mouth. This condition occurs when a virus called the varicella-zoster infects a nerve in the head. This is the same virus that causes chickenpox too. People who suffer from this syndrome face irritations and swelling of the nerves. In complicated cases, there is disfigurement of the face, loss of movement, damage to the eye, loss of vision, nerves growing back in wrong structures, etc.

While the symptoms Justin is facing point at the severity of the syndrome, I hope the singer gets well soon and is back in action. On the work front, Justin has given us some of the best chartbusters, namely, Never Say Never, Season, Our World, Justice, etc.

I wish Justin a speedy recovery. More power to him!