A couple’s strength, love and bond are tested most when they go through tough times together. The way they handle the situation, look after each other and safeguard their relationship speaks a lot about them as a couple and as individuals.

Justin Bieber came out and shed some light upon his illness. He spoke about dealing with the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and how it’s affecting a side of his face and he’s battling partial facial paralysis. Earlier this year, Hailey Bieber revealed how she suffered a mini stroke and how it was a life altering situation for the couple. As most couples promise- they’ll be by each other’s side in sickness and in health until death do us part; it’s not as easy to cope up when your loved one is suffering physically or mentally. It can be physically and mentally draining to continually look after them, lift their spirits and all with a positive attitude and undying hope. We list down a few ways that can help you stay positive during tough times and get through a ailment with your partner.

1) Talk To Someone

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You can’t completely stop talking and expressing how you feel. Find someone who is willing to listen to you, who may be willing to share the load with you. Talk to someone, find someone to confide in with whom you can share how you feel. It can be someone from the family, a friend, just anyone who you think can offer you a shoulder to lean on and a patient hearing.

2) Ask For Help

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There’s one thing you need to accept: you can’t do everything on your own. It’s best to take help when needed. When you have something that requires most of your attention. It’s preferable to ask for help and take it when offered. Get someone to help you with smaller, menial chores, take help to run errands and get things in order. When you have someone helping you with smaller things, you can focus on more important things, let them have your attention, tackle them efficiently and have them out of the way.

3) Don’t Shut Out On Your Partner

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Just because your partner may not be in the best state of mind or body, doesn’t mean they stop being your partner. Talk to them, don’t treat them
differently. It is important to understand that a person feels defeated when they start feeling out of place. You must take it upon yourself to make your partner feel at peace and feel homely. Don’t shut out on them, talk to them, express your feelings and just be there for them. Sometimes, all they need is someone who listens and understands.

4) Make Time For Yourself

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More often than not, it has been observed that when someone in the family is ailing, you get so caught up making things right for them, you completely avoid your mental and physical well-being. It’s extremely important to note that you don’t have to take your health for a ride and be negligent. Not looking after yourself may cost you a hefty price and you cannot afford two family members falling sick. Take some time out for yourself, eat your meals, meditate for 5-10 mins when you can and find inner peace when everything around you gets chaotic.

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