Deepika Padukone is no stranger to the world of beauty. We often see her sporting a variety of makeup looks on the red carpet, at movie promotions and at plenty of other occasions. While on certain occasions she loves keeping it minimal and subdued, there are moments when she loves some maximalism and drama. And boy, do we love it! There’s nothing more exciting than getting to see our favourite Bollywood diva experiment with makeup.

However, the credit for Deepika’s iconic makeup looks that often send the Internet into a frenzy goes to celebrity makeup artist, Sandhya Shekar who has been working with the actress for quite some time. Sandhya often opts for a matte yet breathable base with Deepika, a combination that could never go wrong. The actress is never seen without her signature bold, bushy brows and defined cheekbones— a beauty inspo for too many of us. However, when Deepika chooses the risque way, she brings one striking feature into the limelight at a time. Whether that happens to be a smouldering eye, a dark lip or even some heavy-duty highlighter— it’s all surreal. Here are a few times when Deepika made us want to take a risk with our beauty choices.

Statement Smoulder

Deepika’s eyes were definitely the talk of the town along with that stunning embellished sari that she adorned. She amped up the maximalist quotient here with her smouldering eyes that made a smashing statement fosho! A bold, angled eyeshadow in black is quite the fitting replacement for a classic smokey eye no? Not only does the pattern define your eyes, but also makes a lot of heads turn! 

Wet Glam

The whole wet-glamour vibe hasn’t been around for a long time, and it’s definitely one that’s kinda tricky to master, don’t you think? I mean instead of looking chic, one could end up looking greasy. Trust Deepika to knock it out of the park with it though. An ultra-dewy base is the first step to getting this makeup look right. The liquid highlighter just makes her gleam a tad bit too much, and hey, we’re not complaining at all.

Pinkin’ It Up

When it comes to makeup, pops of colour are a tricky factor to incorporate into your final look. I still struggle with it from time to time. However, Deepika Padukone of course manages to do that effortlessly. Her classic black eyeliner is paired with a bright pink lipstick, one that perfectly contrasts her black and white outfit. Notice how her cheeks are sun-kissed without any blush? This allows all of the attention to remain on those vivid lips.

Kohl Her The Queen

Am I the only one who thinks that Deepika is the reigning queen when it comes to kohl? She’s inspired a gazillion makeup trends all through the years with her bold eyes. Here, we see her flaunt an earthy eyeshadow with heavily kohl-rimmed eyes. Not only is there a dramatic wing in the mix, but we also see her lower lashline outlined with some kohl and black eyeshadow. What better way to bring your eyes into the limelight than a bold eye like this?

Bold Lips For The Win

Yes, I’m not oblivious to the fact that Deepika’s donning a stunning Milo Maria latex dress. However, what’s more, captivating than that form-fitting number are her dark lips. As much as she enjoys playing around with makeup, we rarely ever get to see her sport lipstick this dark. This ox-blood hue is the perfect flair for drama or any makeup look. The best way to master a rebellious eye like this is to keep the rest of your makeup completely subdued, just like Deepika.

Iconic Reverse Eye

I still remember when Deepika walked down the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in 2019 with this makeup look. She definitely broke the internet with this one. I mean, how often do you see a reverse cat-eye that’s so precise? Not every day, I bet! Reverse cat eyes are the perfect eyeliner style to add some much-needed dimension to your makeup along with a sprinkle of rebellion. Her long and wispy lashes were a cherry on the top of this high-fashion makeup look.

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