While everyone around me still can’t stop gushing about Alia Bhatt’s wedding to Ranbir Kapoor (and rightfully so! After all, it was probably the wedding of the century), I can’t stop gushing about Alia Bhatt’s makeup. If I’m being brutally honest, minimalist beauty isn’t really my thing. I’m a fan of drama, glamour and all things maximalist. However, Alia deserves due credit for making me cross over to the minimalist side of things. 

The epitome of less is more, she’s often seen sporting thick, bushy brows which we LOVE! Her base is always kept subdued so as to not appear cakey at all. My favourite part about her makeup is her blush— it’s always so natural and subdued. Like a soft flush of colour that just makes everything pop! Who doesn’t adore that? Most often, Alia’s eyes wear a similar colour to her blush in order to tie the entire look together. Neutral, nude lips make a constant appearance— another factor I’m totally obsessed with.

Here are a few pictures that will defo have you believe in less is more, especially when it comes to beauty.

Bridal Beauty That Broke The Internet

We were all mesmerized by a Bollywood bride opting for minimalist makeup on her big day. The natural flush on the cheeks paired with a dusty pink hue on the lips was a clear winner. We see a big shift in bridal beauty trends now, all thanks to Alia and Puneet B Saini!

Monochrome Peachiness

One can never go wrong with some monochrome magic, no? With a soft bronzer adding some warmth to her cheeks, Alia’s peachy-orange lips are the star of the show.

Rosy Glam

Not straying far away from her love for monochrome, Alia’s makeup here compliments her floral fit perfectly. However, what we love is the sheer shine on the lips!

The Intense Flush

While she may not have dialled down on the blush, its placement and hue have us enchanted. Notice how her highlighter seamlessly matches her blush? We can’t get enough!

Subdued Glow

Trying to not let your highlighter overpower your makeup is an art, and Alia has mastered it. The high points of her face are graced with the right amount of glow, a lesson we should all be learning, no?

Cherry Lips

As much as we adore seeing Alia with her usual neutral lips, a bright, cherry red is so refreshing to see, no? However, the reason this look is so striking is only that the rest of her makeup is subdued.

Pop Of Fuchsia

These rare occasions where we see her adorn a pop of colour have all of us constantly mesmerised. A fuchsia lip makes her eyes and her lovely green sari stand out, don’t you think so? 

Brick Drama

On the auspicious day of Diwali, Alia decided to opt for brick tones in her makeup. Her eyes had a soft wash of this hue, and so did her cheeks. Her subdued highlighter was defo not missing!

Au Naturel

One of our favourite makeup looks from the lot, Puneet decided to go with bushy brows that stand out and some soft freckles. This time around her blush was minimal to keep all of the attention on the beautiful freckles.

Eyes That Talk

We don’t get to see Alia opt for bold eyes with some intense kohl, no? However, she knocked it out of the park with all eyes on her alluring eyes. The crisp definition of kohl-rimmed eyes is everything!

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