Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s the one day when you can honour your dads and give them a day off and show them how much they mean to you. Fathers rarely take time out for themselves and devote most of their time to their families and kids.

This Father’s Day, show your Pop some love and care and spend a lot of quality time to make them feel special on a day dedicated to them. We curate a special list of gifts that you can surprise your dad with this Father’s Day.

1) Shaving Kit


A trusty old shaving kit can never do you wrong. Men love their beards and this father’s day, you can get them a specially curated hamper. Add bottles of beard oils, combs, shaving foam, shaving creams, after shaves, lotions and so much more. Shaving Kits can be personalised with scents, customised with colours, initials and it can make the perfect gift.

2) Watch


A watch is a very personal and timeless gift. A small and precious gift always holds a special place in people’s hearts. Watches are classic and you can never go wrong with it. A classy watch is a man’s best friend and it will be a gift worth remembering.

3) Wallet


Wallets are sweet and personal. You can gift your dad a wallet with a small personalised note or simple customisations that will beautifully elevate the gift. You can add initals on the front flap, add notes, colours of your father’s choice, it’s a wide arena and you can play around with a lot of stuff to make it the perfect gift.

4) A Meal At His Favourite Restuarant


Take your dad out for special meal at his favourite restaurant or for his most liked cuisine. Spend some quality time, indulge in a hearty conversation and make the best out of your down time with him. In today’s world: everyone is bustling with work, when you can make the time, make the best out of it and relish it.

5) Take Him Out


Dads hardly ever spend anything for themselves. Get a little indulgent and spend some money on them. Buy a ticket for a sports match, a ticket for a movie or play, book a spa or massage appointment for him to take some time out for himself. Take them out, allow them to take care of themselves, relax and rejuvenate, a day meant for them deserves to be a day that they go the extra mile and just live it for them.

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