Music is universal and transcends boundaries, borders, differences, and without a doubt, loved by all – professionals, listeners, and enthusiasts! Beyond the fact that music acts as the ‘adhesive’ to bring people together, it is hardly a surprise, therefore, that one can find a song for every occasion, emotion, season, and even time of the day! A rather lesser-known fact, but music has been proven to help in building better brain function in children and stabilise and has acted as a healing force in many mental health issues in adults. 

The love for music runs deep, and the aspiration to pick up a musical skill, be it singing, or playing an instrument is something many harbour. Unfortunately, though, the perception of how difficult it is to learn, and the time and effort involved, leads us to drop it just as easily. It is true, that learning takes time and practice but the sheer joy and fulfillment derived from inching towards good musicianship, one step at a time, is unmatched. Thankfully, we now have more resources to learn from, besides the disciplinary offline classes with senior gurus.

This World Music Day, let’s pick up where we left off, or start afresh! Here are five unique instruments you can easily learn online!

1. Guitar

A classic instrument that never goes out of style, the Guitar can be learned very quickly. Let’s face it, many of us have bought a guitar to make it a showpiece in our house. Well don’t worry, The Guitar fundamentals class by Mike Boyd on Skillshare will make you a pro guitarist in just 12 easy sessions!

2. Ukulele

Nothing is more soothing than tuning to a Ukulele note on a nice breezy day. Well, did you know, it’s actually quite easy to learn and you play it like a pro in no time? The Ukulele 101 class by Diego Gualda will take you from being a novice to a pro in just 15 sessions. So the next time you want to impress someone special you know exactly what to do.

3. The Flute

If you have never played the Flute before you’re at the right place. Playing a Flute has always signified elegance. Todd Porter is a professional music educator and has been teaching students for more than a decade. You can look for classes by Todd that will teach you how to play and perform with friends and family in mere weeks.

4. The Irish Whistle

Fancy a lesser-known instrument? The Irish Whistle is a fun yet versatile instrument which can be played and performed solo, in a band, or in a musical ensemble. Mikael Baggström will teach you the fundamental techniques of playing this instrument in various ways so that you can broaden your repertoire beyond just Irish folk music.

5. Beat Boxing

No music is complete without a beat or rhythm, and gone are the days when you needed an expensive drum kit or other percussion instruments to add a pep to your music. If you cannot to afford to buy an instrument, the answer lies in Beat-boxing, an art that can be mastered by anyone irrespective of them having an instrument. A form that finds its roots in rap music, and emanated from the streets, today has become a globally performed and loved form!

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