Disha Patani often takes the silver screen by storm with her smashing performances. Most of us are perpetually in awe of her passion for acting and working out. Hey, those workout routines she posts on Instagram have been a motivation for one too many of us! However, one can never really miss Disha’s love for all things beauty. The actress is often seen experimenting with a variety of makeup looks on the ‘gram. We’ve seen her play around with bedazzled makeup using rhinestones, opt for pastel shades to highlight the inner corner of her eye and even hop on some of the latest beauty trends.

So it’s safe to say that Disha happens to be a beauty geek just like you and me! We had the chance to speak to her makeup artist, Séverine Perina and get a little peek into all of the beauty essentials Disha can’t do without. Séverine used to work as an engineer, developing products for luxury brands in Europe and currently, she’s working as a makeup artist in India. She tells us that

Working with Disha is one of the most exciting experiences for me as a makeup artist because she loves trying out new techniques and trends when it comes to beauty. Whether it’s on the screen, for red carpet events or for editorial work— we’re always trying something new. What’s great about Disha is that she’s already so well-versed with makeup and skincare, it makes my job all the better!

Read on to know what Disha Patani’s beauty essentials used by Séverine Perina are—

Healthy Skincare Routine

Séverine considers a healthy skincare routine of prime importance. She never skips or finds a shorter route around this because your skin needs to have a plump base in order for the makeup application to be seamless. She recommends using moisturisers that are infused with hyaluronic acid. Due to the ability of this ingredient to retain moisture and leave your skin looking and feeling fresher, it also creates a great base. 

Nourishing Lip Balm

Most often we tend to forget that prepping our lips before makeup is just as important as prepping our skin. Séverine stresses on using a nourishing and rich lip balm to prepare your lips for lipstick application. This ensures that the lips aren’t feeling dry or chapped and look hella smooth and healthy. Now we know what the secret to Disha’s irresistible pout really is!

Colour Corrector

While to most people, a colour corrector may not seem like a beauty essential, Séverine always uses one before going in with the foundation. Colour correctors are a product that can help perfect your base makeup in more ways than one. Whether it’s to conceal under-eyes, correct pigmentation or cover up a nasty pimple— they can do it all. She considers the process of colour correcting as a magic trick because of how transformational it can be. And we definitely agree with her!

Luminous Foundation

Luminous foundations are having their own moment right now and even Disha happens to be a huge fan of them. These foundations offer sheer coverage that leaves your skin looking fresh and radiant, as opposed to looking heavily caked up. A dewy finish on your skin has the power to exude a glow like never before, don’t you think so? Disha enjoys a foundation with a silky formula that does a stellar job at reflecting light for the most scintillating glow ever. 


Blushes are another makeup product that possesses the power to change the way your makeup looks entirely, amirite? Turns out, that Disha too enjoys using blushes as you and I do. However, subtle blushes with pink and peachy undertones are what she always prefers. When it comes to formulation, Séverine opts for ones that are easily blended and diffused into the skin. It’s best to use blushes with no more than 25% of pigments. She also enjoys working on Disha’s makeup with cream blushes because they offer the dewiest and soft finish.

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