As women, the word “compromise” isn’t really a new one in our vocabulary, no? For years, society has expected us to adhere to its norms and compromise. Whether that happens to be in our professional lives with respect to our careers or in our personal lives, we’ve been adjusting to accommodate the needs of others for far too long. And let’s face it, we’ve had enough of it. 

Also, let’s be real, we’ve all enjoyed using products from The Moms Co. The fact that they happen to be toxin-free and completely safe for lil kiddos and their mamas is just a cherry on the top. After all, who wants to compromise on the good things in life? They recently launched a brand new TVC with Sonam Kapoor Ahuja as the brand ambassador of their Natural Vitamin C Range. And boy was that exciting! I mean, Sonam’s glowing skin can’t be missed! Doesn’t she look super radiant? Some of that glow could definitely be credited to her becoming a mommy very soon! However, we’re certain that this glow also has to do with The Moms Co. Vitamin C Range because Sonam vowed to not compromise on glowing skin. In case you’re wondering how let us tell you! Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t compromise on your skincare and add this range to your skincare stash ASAP!

The Hero Ingredient, Vitamin C

Amongst all the active ingredients in the universe of skincare, Vitamin C definitely takes the superhero crown. It’s a potent antioxidant that absorbs easily into the skin, and this ingredient is suitable for all skin types. And when your skincare routine consists of three products brimming with Vitamin C, there’s nothing that could go wrong fosho

Multiple Benefits

Unless you’re a skincare newbie, you’re certainly not oblivious to the fact that Vitamin C comes packed with a plethora of benefits for your skin. The most renowned one is definitely the brightening effect this ingredient possesses, it reduces any dullness and pigmentation, and illuminates your complexion. Did you also know that this ingredient boosts collagen production in your skin which tends to reduce over time? This leads to firm and healthier skin that’s not sagging. Vitamin C also happens to aid your skin in its hydration process since ascorbic acid retains water in the skin.

Contains All The Essentials

While the internet may be going gaga over an extensive 10-step skincare routine, let’s be real, do we really need that? Sometimes, all your skin needs are the essentials. Always remember, with skincare less is always more. A holistic skincare routine with a face wash, toner, serum and moisturiser is all your skin needs. The Vitamin C Range from The Moms Co. contains a face wash that gently exfoliates your skin, a toner that refreshes, a serum that improves skin tone and a moisturiser that intensely hydrates and brightens. This is all you need!

No-Compromise Safety Process

A lot of us do hesitate when it comes to skincare and often wonder if the products we’re using are indeed safe for us. With The Moms Co., we never have to worry about that at all. They have an extremely stringent no-compromise safety process that ensures all of their formulations and processes create the safest products which meet international standards. Dermatologists clinically test their products to ensure that sensitive Indian skin can also use them! After all #WhyCompromise on glowing skin?

Natural Ingredients

Reaffirming their stance on the #WhyCompromise promise, The Moms Co. only uses the safest, natural ingredients in the formulations of all their products, including the Natural Vitamin C Range. In an effort to make shopping for skincare a transparent process, their website contains an exhaustive list of natural ingredients utilised and their safety rankings in international markets. 

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