We’ve always used fashion in a way to express ourselves and as on outlet of emotion and expression. Your personal style is a way to put yourself out there and allows you to feel a wave of emotions. Designers and big fashion houses have also hopped on to the brigade of inculcating joyful fashion and dressing. To dress the way you feel has been a concept that is getting followed for years. But to dress to make yourself feel better is a relatively newer concept and is quite uplifting.


What is Dopamine Fashion?

Dopamine Dressing has been a topic of discussing alongside being the central focus of psychological research surrounding dressing to boost your mood. Let’s break down Dopamine fashion and how you can incorporate joyful dressing in your daily style.


Colourtherapy and cromatherapy have deeply interested people for years. It has dwelled on to people to understand the importance of how hues make them feel. The linkage of yellow with feeling bright, green with feeling focused, black with feeling dull and lost have been there for years. Although, there is no scientific proof backing these theories but it’s just the way your mind reacts to the way it sees and perceives things.

Colours Are Here To Stay

Colours are here to stay and they are making it big. Fashion wise, colours can amp up any look and take it a notch higher. Be it bright hued pant suits, wide legged trousers, satin shirts, printed pieces, you name it and it’s got you acing the style game. From fashion stalwarts to influencers on the gram. Everyone is jumping on to colour brigade and styling their bright hues which in turn boosts joyful and dopamine dressing. There are a few colours that we think will make a difference to your closet and how you can be the newest one to join the joyful dressing bandwagon!

1) Orange


Orange is one happy colour that signifies all things beautiful and just shines through. Most fashion houses and designers are living off orange to make a much needed, classy fashion statement. I won’t go the cheesy way and say, “Orange is the new black” but it is a new wardrobe staple and believe it or not, it is here to stay.

2) Pink


Pink has been everyone’s go-to colour for years. The one thing we need to be more grateful for is the stereotype around the colour pink being shattered. Pink has often been viewed as a barbie colour but if you ask me, Pink is everyone’s colour. Pink is here for the glam and it’s going to make everyone do a double take every time you don a rosy attire. Dressed to kill literally!

3) Green


Green is often looked at as a colour that brings in a lot of peace and focus. Green as a colour has never been viewed as a changemaker in fashion but some of the coolest up and coming looks are causing quite the stir and is a shade that you must add to your style files. Green may often seem like a dull colour but it does the job and will make heads turn every time you pull up a look from the fashion archives.

4) Yellow


Hello Sunshine! Yellow is an absolute mood changer. It’s going to elevate your look, make you look like the stunner that you are and also just transform your mood. Yellow is the one colour that will whip up a storm and can make you feel like the blinding force of nature that you are. Pull out your yellows and you’ll instantly feel cheery and awesome: just something about yellow!

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