The biggest problem most of us women are plagued with is, finding the right lingerie for our clothes. We want to look stylish and put together but somehow we’re stuck tugging and pulling at our clothes in discomfort. This happens because we’re not wearing the right lingerie underneath our clothes. Most times women overestimate how long the lifespan is of their underwear and wear them even if their bodies are going through changes.

Finding the right size or fabrics that suit you to experimenting with shapes, styles and colours can be a very daunting task for most. So we reached out to Pooja Merani, COO of Wacoal India for her expert input on how to best shop for lingerie.

1) Recognise the purpose of your purchase

Similar to how outfits exist for various occasions, lingerie also serves different purposes. For instance, sports bras are made to support women that engage in a lot of movement or physical activity. While, for everyday wear, one can opt for lightly padded bras or underwear sets in neutral colours that suit all kinds of outfits. Which is why, to make a good purchase, it is necessary to know the purpose for which you will be using the lingerie.

2) Get your accurate measurements before buying lingerie

Your size tends to change with age and fitness level and does not always remain constant. Therefore, it is important to measure yourself and get fitted every 6 months, particularly if you are buying lingerie after a long gap or if you think you may have gained or lost weight since the last time you shopped.

Moreover, like how size differs from woman to woman, brands also sometimes follow different size standards. For instance, 34-B may be S in the guide for some brands and M for others. Make sure to check the size guide while purchasing lingerie so that you end up with a well-fitting bra that will last you for months.

3) Colours make a difference

Lingerie is an expression of your personality. Not only should its colour match the outfit you will be wearing over it, but it must also flatter your skin tone without making you look washed out. Don’t shy away from trying out bold or new shades of colours than what you usually go for!

4) Check for higher coverage with lingerie

Higher coverage covers your bust fully, lending you 360-degree support. While bras do come with different coverages, keep in mind that the cup should fit your breast properly without bulges from the sides or the top.

5) Choose the right material on your lingerie

Although looks are vital, the material and fabric are equally important, especially when it comes to different seasons. In fact, fashion is a critical aspect of lingerie and certain pieces or styles tend to lend themselves to changing seasons. 

Furthermore, you must also opt for the material that works best for your skin while keeping in mind the weather conditions. For instance, cold winters are the best time to invest in heavier pieces with embellishments or layers (like bodysuits). While summer calls for lighter, more breathable materials like mesh, cotton or lace.

Certain fabrics tend to retain sweat or other forms of body discharge, which can only worsen with use . Damp underwear fabric not only smells but can cause skin infections. 

6) Shapes and styles

Each woman has a different breast shape; some are round, slender, teardrop, amongst others. While experimenting with different styles of lingerie pieces, ensure that it suits the natural shape of your body and breast without giving you any discomfort.

7) Bring the outfits with you

Lingerie is the foundation of any outfit and gives you the confidence to carry it. In case you are unsure of the type of piece that will go with your outfit, don’t hesitate to bring it with you when shopping for lingerie.

8) Check your lingerie for its comfort

What is absolutely critical is that whatever lingerie one invests in, it should be comfortable to wear for hours. Only when you are truly comfortable in a piece of lingerie will you be able to flaunt your style confidently.

All in all, you should remember that lingerie is for you and you need to love what you are wearing. And to love it, you must feel and know that you look great in it. Therefore, purchase and wear only the styles that make you feel incredible.

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