Are you obsessed with animals and pets? Do they gravitate towards you and you to them? If you answered yes then you’re pretty much like me. I could spend my entire time speaking to animals and playing with them. There’s something so precious about the way they look back at you in absolute awe. Sometimes I think they have all the answers to everything and we’re just struggling to find our way. One evening I was leisurely scrolling through my Instagram and chanced upon a friend who took a course in Animal communication.

I curiously googled the term and saw that there are many out there who are able to telepathically communicate with pets and animals. Of course, I went down the rabbit hole and had to know everything about this subject. So I reached out to Sonali Thite, an expert and animal communicator to help answer your burning queries. Read on for more!

1) What is animal communication and how does it work?

Animal communication is the act of communicating telepathically with an animal. Once we also accept and acknowledge the fact that we humans too are just as much a part of nature as animals, it opens up an avenue to can communicate telepathically.

To define Telepathic Animal Communication; tele means distance and pathy or pathos represents feelings, emotions or experience. It means one can communicate with animals from a distance; one doesn’t have to share physical space with each other or in close proximity. We all have this innate ability; all you need to do is nurture it.

2)  What does an animal communicator do?

An animal communicator acts as a communication channel between the human and the animal. To put it simply, an animal communicator is like a phone that transmits messages without any judgement, assumption or analysis. In short, an animal communicator is a mere voice of the animal and shares the information received from the animal as it is.

3) What are some of the challenges a communicator is likely to face with a pet?

There are no real challenges, as the animals are actually quite happy and eager to communicate with humans that are trying to understand them.

The animal communicator needs to operate from a neutral space and calm his or her thoughts. And since humans are analytical in nature with a stream of bubbling thoughts, it can cloud the communication between the animal and the human. So it is important to approach every session with a calm and clear mindset.

4) What are the challenges that a communicator is likely to face with a pet parent?

Humans have been conditioned to believe that they are in command or control of the pet’s actions and decisions. So, sometimes the communication received can surprise the pet parents. One should recognise that animals are far more spiritually aware and are more in tune with the flow and state of life.

So when an animal communicator is approached about a temperamental pet it needs to be made clear that the pet could be mirroring a family member. This means that self-correction could also lead to behavioural changes in the pet. It cannot simply be about how one wishes for their pet to behave with them or other people.

5) What are the pros and cons of animal communication?

There are only pros of telepathic animal communication, as whatever gaps are left between the animal and human get bridged. The mutual love and respect between these two multiplies and a lot of self-awareness start to set in due to the guidance that the animal provides to its human.

6) When should one consult a telepathic animal communicator?

A pet parent can consult a communicator for absolutely any reason. It could range from anything to do with a general check on the pet’s comfort, happiness, routine, food preferences etc. If a pet starts behaving differently one can seek out the help of a communicator to learn what is making the pet act differently.

One can also consult an animal communicator in the event that the pet or animal has gone missing or has been kidnapped. Although, one should note that hiring an animal communicator does not guarantee that the animal will be found.

Finding the animal is just one of the outcomes. What you should try and understand is that the animal communicator can only transmit messages between the human and animal. They cannot bring the pet back if it has chosen to never return.

7) What do you need to know before hiring a professional animal communicator?

Have a conversation with the animal communicator to understand what it is, how it works and what one can expect from the communication. This awareness helps the pet parent to understand the communication they are about to receive better.

8) How much does an animal communicator charge?

There really is no standard charge for it. It’s absolutely subjective.

9) Where can one study a course like this?

There are many who are offering these courses, online or even in a classroom. Truth be told, no one really needs to study animal communication as we can all naturally communicate with animals telepathically. Especially pet parents, animal rescuers or anyone associated with animals in any capacity always receives the communication. But humans are so conditioned to observe, analyse, dissect and conclude every piece of information that we tend to ignore the most natural form of communication.

10) What does a course like this entail?

A course like this basically helps you to become aware of your natural telepathic ability. It will help you understand how to send and receive messages and practice with different animals in order to understand their perspectives.

It works through our 5 senses and their internal representations. Once you’re tuned in, then the primary practice is understanding various scenarios in which the human may want to communicate with the animal; to name a few, it could be about behaviour, health or general checking.

There is a lot of partner work that takes place in the workshop that aims at building confidence in their telepathic ability. So the participants communicate with each other’s pets as a part of the exercise, where your partner validates the information you have received through the communication.

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