For most brides, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. And if there’s one thing that needs their undivided attention amidst wedding preparations, it’s their pre-wedding skincare. So, we reached out to Meera Sakhrani, Celebrity and Bridal Makeup Artist, and asked her to share her expert tips on the ultimate bridal skincare routine. Read on to know all that she shared!

1. Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliating your skin twice a week can help remove dead skin cells, which cause clogged pores and dullness. Exfoliating helps make the makeup application process smooth as well as gives a more radiant skin tone. This is the most important step because most Indians have pigmented skin and when you apply makeup, you have to use a lot of concealer and corrector which makes skin look extremely cakey. Also, apply a good face serum, as recommended by your dermatologist. This is a must have for any bride-to-be. 

2. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to maintaining a natural glow, because sometimes you don’t even need a moisturiser, your skin glows naturally. Retinol is a must-have, as it slows down aging. You can start using it three to six months before your wedding. Once in a while, you can take a Q-switch laser to target the melanin. It’s good for the face and neck as it evens out the tone and brightens the skin. It is essential to consume three to four liters of water every day. Adequate water is essential to keep skin soft and supple.

3. Prep The Skin

Whenever a bride gets ready for any event, it’s important to prep their skin. Prepping includes a massage of five minutes; you could also rub a couple of ice cubes ice cubes gently all over the face. Allow water to dry naturally before applying moisturiser. This will keep a bride’s skin smooth, as well as enhance the glow of her makeup on the big day. You could use a massaging tool to chisel out the face so that it de-puffs the skin and makes it look fresh. 

4. Energise The Skin

Makeup artists work a lot around the eyes and under the eyes, so the under-eye area really needs to be energised and de-puffed. Using an under-eye cream not only moisturises and softens the skin, but it also addresses issues like dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Use an under-eye cream twice a day for maximum results.

5. Don’t Skip Sunscreen and Moisturiser Application

Exposure to UV rays causes sunburns and leads to premature aging. Consult your dermatologist for the best sunscreen for your age and skin tone. Fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots will all be diminished with proper sunscreen application. 

Moisturisation is also essential whether it’s during the day or night, so use light creams with SPF to prevent burning and photo-aging, as well as antioxidants to fight free radicals and make the skin look energised and firm. Our skin does the majority of its repairing, restoring and regenerating at night, so it is critical to apply moisturisers containing anti-aging compounds and ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid before going to bed.

Pro tip: Apply moisturiser within two minutes of bathing. Your skin is at its most porous during this time, and absorbs products better.

6. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Consume plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. A healthy diet will increase energy and give your skin a natural glow. Start incorporating hydrating foods into your diet right away.

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