Social media plays a very important role in all our lives, right? Even if we’re bored just for a few minutes the first thing we’d do is pick up our phones to scroll through different apps or just aimlessly switch between apps, haha. But since social media has taken over our lives so much hence on the occasion of #WorldSocialMediaDay we wanted to know what would creators do if social media did not exist. Hence, we got a chance to ask a few creators about their alternative career options and their answers will literally blow your mind away. Really, we kid you not. Scroll down to know it all.

Here are their alternative career choices…

1. Ashi Khanna

Maybe if not content creation or in front of the camera per se, I might have gone behind the camera and joined the production. Pretty good with arranging and managing stuff, while I could’ve also learnt more about cameras and lighting since that intrigues my interest a lot.

2. Zaid Darbar

If not a content creator then I would be an Interior designer or an actor. I have always loved designing spaces be it my studio Atrangz or my house. I always see things with a different perspective and make it look worth it and talking about acting I’ve always had that actor in me and I love to pour out emotions through it.

3. Dhruv Shah

One way or another, I would definitely take a deep dive into the world of digital media. If content creation would not have happened, I can definitely see myself choosing digital marketing as an alternative career. Just the way I tell stories through my content, digital marketing too is all about telling a story that appeals to a target audience. If I wouldn’t have been making people laugh, I would be making them buy.

4. Tanzeel Khan

The passion to create is something I’ve always harboured, creation is not just about writing or singing, building is also creating. Had I not been creating content, if I wasn’t crooning a tune or penning a track, I may have explored engineering as a profession.

5. Shyam Sharma

If not for content creation, you would still be seeing me in front of the camera, maybe the medium would have shifted from a portable screen to the silver screen. The acting bug has bitten me since time immemorial and I cannot imagine a career that does not involve performing. The journey would have been different, the medium would have been different but the dream would be the same, to entertain.

6. Karan Sonawane a.k.a. @focusedindian

I am more than happy with the choices I have made in my life until now, but if I wouldn’t have been a content creator I would’ve probably been in the entertainment industry, somewhere in the technical department like edit, light, direction or DOP, anything at all because growing up I was highly influenced and fascinated by the entertainment industry, still am. I loved and still love entertaining people and I wanted to do it in any way possible. I also dreamt of becoming a cricketer, though this plausible profession choice came about to me, quite late as I was descending into adulthood. This is when I thought to myself that the considerable amount of the time I had to do something about this as a prospective career has passed away, so I’ll deal with whatever cards life has dealt me with which has led me to this! But I will always be open to anything the entertainment industry has to offer me.

7. Anmol Sachar

I always wanted to be a filmmaker. I love telling stories & entertaining people. If social media didn’t exist, I’d most likely be a filmmaker & for some reason, if that didn’t workout, I’d still be doing something creative like writing copy for ads or something on those lines.

8. Saurabh Ghadge

I’m really happy with the way life currently is. But if I wasn’t a content creator, I would definitely have been working in sports. I’ve always wanted to be a cricketer as a child, but that, unfortunately, didn’t workout for me. So the most logical thing would be to opt for sports management due to my love and passion for cricket. I would be either studying sports management abroad or doing a 9 to 5 job in this field.

9. Ruhi Singh

If social media didn’t exist, it would have made no difference to my life as such. I am very happy and passionate about my acting and modelling career and I’m grateful to have worked in both fields with respectable names and to have actually learned a lot. Honestly, the only reason I am motivated to be on social media is because it gives me an opportunity to connect with my fans, and they’re all very sweet, so I’m really grateful for that.

10. Jake Sitlani

I would love to be a director just cause I would love to give a bunch of audiences my take and view on various social topics on a larger scale since our culture & society needs it.

11. Diksha Rawat

If I was not a content creator what would I be? This question gives me a little existential crisis but I’d probably have an organization/nonprofit, to help in raising money for animals around India. It’s something that is very important to me & I try to do a little in a small capacity. It’s not just an alternate career it’s something I’ll eventually dive into. I want to have my own nonprofit, working for animals & animal rescuing. It’s a very consuming job & I don’t know if I have the heart to do it but we will know soon.

12. Tarini Shah

Just before I started content creation I was a fan of math and statistics. I was working towards studying Actuarial Science so yes, I might have been an Actuary. My love for stats is really helping me out now with social media analytics. I guess some things just never change.

13. Aastha Shah

I would be a Financial Analyst or an Equity Research Analyst. I’ve always loved playing around with numbers and researching about different companies to analyze them closely. Currently, I’m a CFA level 3 candidate so yes if not a content creator, I would definitely pursue something in finance.

Well, all their alternative careers sound super interesting but we’re so glad all of them are into content creation ‘cause they defo at some point in life have made us smile, laugh and relate to their content. On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers, trends and creators. Stay safe!