As you may already know, Instagram a week ago launched a new feature called ‘1 Min Music‘ where artists get an opportunity to showcase their talent in music through this. This is only because Instagram is becoming a place where users discover new music and hear the same on loop. Read all about its launch and what happened there right here. Meanwhile, scroll down to know which artists have already created their ‘1 Min Music‘ and how people are loving them already.

Here are the music tracks by…

1. Dhvani Bhanushali

Dhvani sang this magical song named, ‘Paas Aao Na‘ which totally made us enter our fantasy and dreamy world ‘cause of her soulful voice. Btw, we’re in love with the hook step too which is easy to replicate and holds the meaning of the lyrics.

2. Aksh Baghla

Aksh Baghla is a rockstar when it comes to creating music and mashups and he’s done it yet again with ‘Kabhi Kabhi‘. Such soothing songs are honestly meant to be heard on loop! Also, with being a singer he’s an amazing dancer too, if you don’t know about it check his Reel above.

3. Aditya A

Aditya A the voice behind the trending track, ‘Chaand Baaliyan‘ created a song that touched our hearts directly. ‘Dil da CEO is such a feel-good, wholesome and cute track that we loved the storyline. In our opinion, he is ‘Music da CEO‘, hehe.

4. Akull

Akul who’s famous for his beats has made us groove to his beats once again with, ‘Aise Naacho‘. The name of the song only has the word naacho in it so how can you not dance, right? That’s why the next time you make a dance Reel try using this audio to create your own choreography on it.

5. Rashmeet Kaur

Rashmeet Kaur‘s ‘Pyaar Ki Bahaar’ is such an epic song that it gave us all the retro to modern-day feels. Honestly, this is not a delight just to the ear but to the eye as well. Also, we love her groovy moves on her very own track. Check it out for yourself!

6. Tej Muzik

Tej Muzik is such a talented singer that his voice has made us remember all our loved ones. Yes, his track, Tu Hi Meri Sham Haiis a beautiful romantic track and we think you should dedicate this one to your loved ones or even better make Reels with them at the earliest.

7. Lothika Jha

Woah, Lothika Jha’s track, ‘Tu Kahaan‘ featuring Kabeer Kathpalia has become our go-to sealink song, iykyk. It’s a vibe in itself. Tbh, this song kinda reminds you of all those memories that have been closed to you. It has such a meaningful and deep meaning to it. Hear it and process it!

8. Vipasha Malhotra

Vipasha Malhotra‘s song, ‘Khud Mein Khubsoorat has such a positive message to it. It talks about breaking stereotypes and body positivity. This song is honestly a reminder to love yourself ‘cause at the end of the day it’s all about self-love, right?

9. Samarth Swarup

Samarth Swarup’s latest track for ‘1 Min Music’, ‘Fida‘ featuring Riya is all about love and love. We don’t know about you but we are total ‘fida‘ on his song, haha. Btw, it’s such a groovy track that you could make some super-cool and quirky Reels on this. So, are you planning the concept mentally already?

10. Arivu

Arivu‘s song, ‘Gangda‘ is such a hype one. If you’re ever feeling low this track should be your go-to. Also, ‘cause of its beats the song is super catchy. So, what are you waiting for add this track to your workout playlist for you to get the right vibes from it!

These artists are indeed excellent at their art and literally, their voice is a gift to all of us. Make sure you check each one of them out ’cause all of them are different and quirky in some way or the other. On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers, trends and creators. Stay safe!