Honestly, creators and influencers are putting too much effort into creating their craft and the output as always is magnificent. Reels has made it possible for it to reach us and learn from it. Recently, there has been a super cool transition trend that’s been making rounds on the ‘gram named ‘Snatched’. The game of transitions is our personal fave so scroll down to check out which creators did what as a part of this trend.

Happy Snapping!

1. Ashi Khanna

Woah, we were stunned looking at her glow after the transition. We loved how Ashi, within seconds turned from her boujee to chic style. Only if this was possible in real life tho, hahah. Btw, we don’t know if you noticed but she literally snapped through the screen to get that transition on point.

2. Somya Gupta

Damn, Somya a.k.a. Michu looks stunning in her beauty transition Reel. The way she got into character right before the transition was really cool, isn’t it? Also, her beautiful smile really caught out attention and kept us hooked till the very end.

3. Tarini Shah

Tarini literally snatched our hearts through this uber-cool Reel. From an all-white to an all-black outfit is all that we needed to watch to get our fashion game back in line. Also, we’re big fans of her poses it’s just so chic and Gen-Zish, iykyk.

4. Rida Tharana

Rida a.k.a. Miss. baby blue hahah looks stunning in her printed outfit. Her poise look gave such a strong stance to this Reel just like her personality. Btw, that transition was so damn cool. We’re sure even if we pause the video we wouldn’t be able to catch the transition, yeah it’s that good.

5. Mansi Ugale

She wiped up the screen for us to watch the classy Mansi, hehe. And omg those hair flips just gave me Sushmita Sen vibes from Main Hoon Na, hahah. On a serious note, just love how this Reel looks on overall. All heart!

6. Shivali Rijhwani

Woah Woah Woah, Shivali never fails to stun us with her ‘lewks‘ and yet again she has managed to do the same. It felt like she pinched the screen and dang the outfit was changed, how cool right? Btw,the afterlook of this transition looked super stylish.

Well, that was it from our end. However, there are many more Reels on the ‘gram so, keep scrolling! Also, don’t forget to jump on this trend as it’s new and super catchy. Until then, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers, trends and creators. Stay safe!