While we have been talking about Bollywood’s lately grown obsession with thriller films, turns out that telling stories that kept us on the edge of our seats is not a new phenomenon after all. Recently, Kajol, Bobby Deol, and Manisha Koirala‘s film Gupt: The Hidden Truth celebrated its silver jubilee (25 years) and for the same, the team had a special screening of the film in the city. While they revisited the good old times and went down memory lane reminiscing the film, I spoke to Kajol about her journey with Gupt. Well, she laughed throughout but also had some very amazing moments to share.

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After 25 years also, Gupt holds a very special place in people’s hearts, what do you have to say about it?

I definitely think that Gupt is one my favorite films ever, simply for the fact that it was such an unexpected film. I loved the idea that I could shock and surprise people.

Had you ever imagined the film will become so iconic? Even during the film, was there a sense of conviction that it would do well?

Not really, not for any other reason, because I think all our films done so far, nobody expects it to be iconic. Everybody believes that every film that they are doing is going to be fantastic, mind blowing and iconic, it is only the public that proves you right or wrong.

If there is one memory from Gupt that you still cherish it would be?

I still cherish the memory of doing my make up at 5 o’clock in the morning, in the car on my way to shooting. And then by the time I reached the shoot my makeup was off (laughs), because we were sweating and it was mess. It was an early morning shoot and fortunately our camera man Ashok Mehtaji was a genius so were looking very good by the end of it, but it was because of him.

Can I say that you absolutely loved being a part of this film?

I loved shooting for the songs and the scene where I break everything and go mad. I loved that scene, I had enjoyed doing that so much. How often do you get to break the things with full permission from everybody?

To what extent has Gupt changed your life?

I wouldn’t know about changed. It has definitely added to my life, I love acting and Gupt gave me a chance to explore a different side of my personality. I loved the script of the film and I thought everybody’s character was so well thought out, developed and ended. Even Manisha and Bobby’s characters were very nicely done. Of course the shock value of it was fantastic and I loved that.

Did you love playing a villain at a time when actresses were not very experimental?

I loved the fact that I got to play a villain, break the tray. I wanted to take a risk of playing a villain that time. That contributes to how you are viewed.

Have your children seen the film or danced to its songs?

My son hasn’t but my daughter has heard the soundtrack of Gupt. She has heard the remix version of it though.

Gupt: The Hidden Truth had released on 4th July 1997. It was directed by Rajiv Rai and had gone to become a hit both critically and commercially.