While Bollywood’s latest obsession seems to be with the thriller genre, not every story manages to resonate with the audience. However, I would say otherwise for Rajkummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra‘s latest crime drama HIT: The First Case. The film keeps you hooked throughout, in fact, there is not a moment where you blink while the chase unfolds in the most unexpected manner. Written and directed by Dr Sailesh Kolanu and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Dil Raju, HIT: The First Case film’s duration is 2 hours 15 minutes. And all through the movie, you wonder is who is the culprit, turns out it’s the most unexpected twist. I must say, Rajkummar’s layered portrayal of officer Vikram Jaisingh is quite impactful. I also loved Sanya Malhotra in the film, however, I wanted to see more substance in her role. As a matter of fact, Shilpa Shukla is quite the surprise package in this film.

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Here’s what I liked about the film:

1. Rajkummar Rao as Vikram Jaisingh

This wasn’t the first time that I was amazed by an on-screen portrayal from Rajkummar, however, this one had an edge. It had some ghosts from the past that were haunting Rajkummar’s character, and the actor caught on to that nerve quite effortlessly. At the same time, the robust personality that Rajkummar has carried out is so engaging, yet daunting at the same time. So it is kudos to Raj for getting into the skin of the character so beautifully.

2. The Story

HIT: The First Case is a remake of the 2020 Telugu film with the same name, and Sailesh Kolanu’s writing seems to have just the right thrill. The story gives you the adrenaline rush, but it also gives you the chills where required. And the whose-done-it style of storytelling is what is quite catchy, but not completely on point. However, I will applaud Sailesh for his amazing writing and great direction.

3. Shilpa Shukla

I am so amused by Shilpa Shukla’s performance in the film. Even though it’s a supporting part, Shilpa literally breathes the right amount of grit and intensity the character needs. She is mysterious, but at the same time, she will win your sympathy with her character’s arch. In fact, Shilpa is so impressive that her character will also linger on your mind hours after watching the film. Honestly, Shilpa’s character has a big thumbs up from me.

Things that could have been better:

1. The pace of the story

A downside to the amazing storytelling of HIT: The First Case is the pace, the film seems a little dragged. Even though the characters connect with you effortlessly, establishing the story in the first half makes it look a little stretched and mars the thrill factor. However, the story picks up in the second half and then it has you glued till the end.

2. Sanya Malhotra’s role

Considering how brilliant an actress Sanya is, I really wanted to see more substance to her role, rather than just being a supportive love interest. In fact, Sanya’s character is kidnapped for most of the film, but I would have really wanted some more of Neha in the film’s second half too. Sanya is underutilized, but for whatever part she is there, she aces it.

I also liked how the makers gave us a hint of a sequel, in the end, but with the first case, I recommend you give it a watch. It has the story, it has the thrill, and it will leave you startled.

MM Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars