Although vacations are supposed to be about unwinding, eating, drinking and touring, some of us return home feeling tired and bloated . You should defo splurge while you’re on vacation; eat your ice cream and enjoy it too. However, if you arrive home, jet lagged and extra heavy, you could try detoxes to help you recover quickly and prepare you to resume work. Your detox can truly be about how you make healthy decisions without making any sacrifices before, during, or after your vacation.

So, we reached out to Dr Archana Batra, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and Diabetes Educator, and asked her to share a few post-vacation detox tips with us. Read on to know all that she shared!

Please note: A majority of the following recommendations will make you feel less bloated, gassy, and generally unpleasant, but they won’t help you detox your liver. Instead, they will assist you in creating healthy eating routines that will help you both during and after your holiday.

1. Hydrate

Prioritise keeping yourself hydrated the moment you leave for home. Lubricate your system with water to help you in getting things moving once more. Not juice, kombucha or coffee—The simplest and best that is going to work for your body is water.

Dehydration can be caused by a variety of travel-related variables, including flying, eating out at establishments where salt, sugar and fat usage is frequently excessive, and consuming alcohol. Drink plenty of water, sparkling water and decaf tea when flying home. You’ll need to stroll back and forth to the bathroom a few times, which will not only keep you hydrated but also make you move around more.

If your digestion is seriously off, consider consuming some ginger or peppermint tea, which will both jump-start your system and get things flowing once more. In comparison to peppermint, ginger has a is more potent.

2. Consume Vegetables

The sooner you start cosuming veggies, especially the green leafy ones, the better it will be for your body. Vegetables are high in water content, and will keep you hydrated. They also contain a lot of fibre, which helps remove waste, salt and toxins out of the colon, and prevents the all-too-common travel constipation that causes ugly belly bulges. In addition to improving the flow of your digestive system, adding vegetables will also help you feel less bloated and gassy.

3. Make A Smoothie

Replace one or two meals in a day with a protein smoothie to replenish your diet with high-quality, lean protein as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. The fibre content in smoothies helps reduce your calorie intake while also keeping you feeling full. Invest in a high-quality protein supplement; you can get these at almost any supermarket or health food store. Combine one serving with fresh fruit or vegetables, such as spinach, pineapple or berries, along with water and ice. Smoothies can temporarily replace some meals to increase fat burning without leaving you hungry. Ingredients like pineapple and mint can help with bloating.

4. Start Slowly And Work Your Way Up

You might have neglected healthy practices when you overindulged during your vacation. Once you’re back home, you may be tempted to start a rigorous fitness regimen or a nutritious diet right away. To achieve that kind of change can be challenging and stressful for the body. Instead, start out slowly and work your way up. Aim for two balanced meals out of three on your first day back, or go for a quick stroll. You may try to eat three well-balanced meals and exercise harder the next day.

Making better choices and exercising frequently feel more doable than if you suddenly return to your healthy lifestyle. This is another advantage of doing it gradually.

5. Allow Your Body Some Rest

Your capacity to make good diet decisions can also be affected by sleepiness. After your vacation, it’s crucial to get some rest because when you don’t, you’ll probably keep eating as though you’re on vacation. To begin with, try going to bed at your regular time. You may need to put your phone away or turn off your computer a few hours before you go to bed in order to let your brain transition to sleep mode.

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