Knowing how to pair your favorite pants in multiple ways or finding the best eyeshadow for your outfit is definitely not as easy as it sounds. After all, we all have felt the disappointment of our outfits not looking as good as we planned in our minds.

But get on to Instagram and there are people who know exactly how to make every outfit pop. Yes, I’m talking about fashion and lifestyle influencers. So next time you need some inspiration for your date outfit or want to make the most of your work wardrobe, make sure to check out these 5 growing content creators on Instagram.

1) Ashana Sule

Ashana is a famous Indian YouTuber, model, and Instagram celebrity. She has earned over 197K followers on Instagram and a huge fan following on other social media platforms. She runs @ashanasule Instagram page, where you’ll find diverse content ranging from the latest style trends, fashionable outfits, accessories, and places to explore to product reviews, and more.

Ashana is known for her beautiful looks, adorable grin, style, and hot personality.  She usually shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photos over her Instagram account.

2) Mariam George

Mariam is a model from UAE who inspires millions with her creative ideas, and quality content. She is known for her looks, adorable grin, style, and amazing personality. Her parody video cuts, moving recordings, and dancing videos are extremely popular on her Instagram. She has a gigantic fan following on her Instagram: @themariamgeorge with 129k followers.

Mariam founded her own company, with the name of The Mariam George Models. She shares her eye-catching pictures of her trendy outfits and modeling photos over her social media account. 

3) Ankush Bahuguna

From being an architecture graduate to a writer at digital magazines, then a content curator, and finally one of the most popular and successful influencers in India, Ankush did not enter the profession with a plan. Although today you’ll find him subtly flexing his makeup expertise on social media, where he is seen creating looks for other creators.

Currently, Bahuguna has over 947K followers on Instagram @ankushbahuguna: his eponymous page and an additional 204K on his makeup-related page called ‘Wing It With Ankush Bahuguna’. His recently started YouTube account has more than  160K followers. This rebel fashion influencer isn’t afraid to shake the stereotypes of men’s fashion and beauty.

4) Anushka Hazra

Anushka started content creation at the age of 17 and went on to make videos at 18. Today, she is one of the well-known fashion influencers with 92.6K followers on Instagram: @anushkahazra. A fashion communications graduate, she was keen on taking up content creation as a full-time profession out of her love for fashion and content. To help develop her knowledge and understanding of fashion, she ventured into blogging and content creation a few years ago and started with her own blog and soon moved on to creating video content on YouTube & Instagram.

Her USP is creating styling videos and writing fashion blogs. Multi-tasking and time management are something that comes naturally to her and thus the process of creating something new every day is what gives her immense joy.

5) Anuj Dutta

Anuj is the definition of ‘fashion-forward! His quirky sense of style and ability to accessorize has garnered him over 100K followers on Instagram: @anujdatta. Full of vibrant colors and inspiration, Anuj ensures sure his posts have an element of fun in them. He primarily focuses on creating content around men’s fashion and lifestyle.

His unique sense of styling and content creation has garnered him numerous influencer marketing campaigns in the past. Anuj is a big sneaker head and quite subtly shows off his amazing collection through his content. If you’re a sneaker lover, you’ll resonate with his content evermore. 

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