As the monsoon season begins, it becomes essential for one to take extra care of their clothes. Your favorite outfit can totally get ruined with the water, germs, moisture & dirt. While Getting drenched in heavy rain is unavoidable, taking care of your rain and mud soaked clothes isn’t!

Mitali Joshi, Lead Designer, BoStreet lists down some useful tips to manage your clothes with ease this monsoon. BoStreet, a brand new fashion destination for GenZ launched with 2000+ styles on their app at drool worthy prices in May 2022. They recently also launched their fresh for college collection and monsoon collection, an instant hit among the young buyers.

1) Wash immediately

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It is advisable that you wash off any wet clothes immediately rather than stacking them in a laundry basket or washing machine. Stacking  may result in mud scars turning permanent, foul smell and color transfer if the garment is new. Rinsing immediately  will help you get rid of all the dirt, germs and foul smell at once.

2) Scented Detergents

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The market is loaded with detergents that give a long lasting fragrance. Choose any that fits your pocket and there will be no foul smell in any of your garments this monsoon. A super clean wash and fresh smelling clothes look like a win win to me!

3) Dry and Iron

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It is essential that your clothes are completely dry and moisture free before you put them back in your wardrobe. Iron your clothes to ensure that they are not just clean but fresh also. 

4) Clean your Washing Machine

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Yes, its very important to clean your washing machines after washing clothes full of mud. The small net that stacks all your lint and threads need to be washed frequently too. You could also add baking soda to your machine tub and run it at normal wash. It will not only clean the tub but also leave the machine odor free for your next wash.. 

5) Camphor Balls

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Monsoon brings with it a common damp smell which you could smell around your usual drying area and wardrobe. This is because of the constant moisture trapped in air. To get rid of this, place camphor balls in between your clothing or hang them in your wardrobe. You can also use air fresheners/ wardrobe fresheners for this.

Try these handy tips to avoid some monsoon wardrobe mishaps with ease.

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