The makeup industry is ever booming. New trends, new styles, new looks come out everyday. We sat down with leading bridal makeup artist Kajol R Paswwan to discuss the potential of the makeup industry and whether or not it is a viable career option.


The makeup industry is growing and evolving with every passing day. With changing times and trends, there’s a new artist, a new product, a brand and a new technique that’s coming. The beauty and personal care market is growing at an unprecedented growth rate evident through an approximate estimation of USD 24.53 Bn in 2022 and a forecasted reach of USD 33.33 Bn by 2027. Earlier people believed that makeup should only be applied for a grand celebration such as a wedding function or a key social occasion.

Today, the perception surrounding this industry has changed as people are concerned about their appearance in every realm of life be it at a professional event, a casual brunch or a simple get-together. One can explore a variety of careers in this booming profession such as being a makeup artist, a beauty/makeup influencer, a hair/personal stylist – the list is endless. Owing to the lucrative careers within the industry – this has led to the sudden rise of entrepreneurship in this field. Many women are inclined towards running their own firms as they believe there is a gap in the industry which must be bridged.

There’s a common notion about this industry, that it’s saturated and it might be difficult to stand out in the crowd, which can be true. It’s equally important to work upon that fact and be someone who wants to make a mark, make a difference in people’s life, that’s when people will notice you. If you are someone who’s just about to start, it’s better late than never.

Have a clear intention, a clear vision and a clear focus towards being the best and work to be a better version of yourself. You are on your journey. You can’t compare your day 1 with someone else’s day 100. So there’s a lot of scope in this industry, if you are ready for it. There will be a lot of ups and downs but one thing has to be consistent that you don’t give up easily. You will have to figure out your way, build an online image, connect with your audience, let them see your best work, give your best knowledge, give them back something, be your most authentic self.


Through my experience, I want to set up a system that gives people the roadmap for creating a successful career in this industry – understanding the challenges, the difficulties, the road blocks. Kajol R Paswwan’s Academy is a one stop destination, to everyone who wants to make a mark – it’s a place where you learn, grow, evolve, network, socialise, understand how the industry functions on a firsthand basis! I have faced these challenges in my career and that’s the reason why I could manage to come up with a business model that solely targets helping fellow artists grow and be a guiding factor in their life.

This work might sound simple, but it’s difficult and only the people who are fearless and passionate survive. We train them to be the best version of themselves. My mission is to empower women regardless of the circumstances – I want women to make their own decisions, be financially confident and be resilient. Scale up your business, add value to people’s life, give back to society – these are just a few ways people remember you and your work. If there are no opportunities on your way, you should create one for yourself, that’s what I believe in.

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