There are celebrity beauty brand launches happening all year round and all over the world. Sometimes you come across a launch that strikes a chord in your heart. LoveChild by Masaba Gupta is exactly that. Masaba, who’s already a celebrated designer and actor too, has now jumped into the universe of beauty with her latest entrepreneurial venture. She’s someone who has always kept the concept of inclusivity in the midst of all that she’s done, and LoveChild aims to be just the same.

There’s no dearth of beauty brands out there, but how often do we find one that aims to disrupt the entire space not just with their products but with their beliefs too? After being called a “love child” all her life, Masaba chose to reclaim this word and created something so inspiring. LoveChild stands out for us, not because of the top-notch quality of products and the striking packaging, but because of the story, it weaves together.

That’s exactly why we decided to sit down with the powerhouse that’s Masaba Gupta to get a deeper look into all things LoveChild.

The beauty space is already overflowing with so many brands, what made you decide to jump into it yourself?

I wanted to create something that did not bind women with preconceived notions of beauty and skincare. Honesty, inclusivity and efficacy have always been a top priority while creating LoveChild. My earlier collaboration with Nykaa gave me a great platform to take my first step into the world of beauty. It gave an early insight into the consumer’s mind and the learnings have been immense. I felt I was ready to deep dive further and venture on my own. LoveChild is so much more than just makeup; it is love for your skin. It is a journey of nutrition, fitness, and wellness alongside beauty.

With LoveChild, we have focused not only on colour but on a larger more holistic cosmo-wellness range. The beauty space in India especially has so much to offer; there is something for everyone. My aim with LoveChild was to keep it simple and accessible to everyone.

We’d love to know the story behind LoveChild, right from its inception to its launch.

LoveChild was born to resonate with women who have been labelled all their lives. I wanted to create something that did not bind women with preconceived notions of beauty and skincare. Being a woman of colour, coming from two different ethnicities, and dealing with acne and sensitive skin for over 15 years I grew up loving all my mum’s makeup but disliking what it did to my skin. Therefore, I’ve always toyed with the idea of creating a wholesome, inclusive cosmo-wellness brand that marries beauty and wellness, making a woman feel good from within.

A large part of the birth of LoveChild is to reach out to a new consumer set and also finally be able to cater to the existing brand loyalists who are young, evolved and wallet-conscious without compromising on the product. 

Now that we launched a few weeks ago, the response has been so overwhelming and amazing. I’m grateful for the love the brand has been receiving and I hope to cater more goodness to the audience in the months to come.

What is your definition of beauty?

I think beauty comes from good skin and good skin comes from within. If she is not feeling her best, it shows on her skin. Back in my childhood, I remember being a gypsy girl for a school play and I wore my mom’s red lipstick and did my own winged liner — which was actually a droopy line. I remember putting on lots of rouge. My mom used to use very minimal makeup. I used to see so many women wearing a whole lot of makeup, but I wanted always it to be minimal. Beauty is all about keeping it natural for me. I like it uncomplicated and easy. 

Everybody’s got their beauty staples. Could you name a few of yours?

I think if I had to pick my staples, they would have to be lipsticks; I love them! A bright pop or neutrals, I always have 2-3 shades in my bag to switch things up. The LoveChild liquid lipsticks especially are incredible. A perfect brown in the liquid lipstick that doesn’t move, shade ‘Hukum’ and a luxe matte that’s creamy and amazing in the shade ‘Caramel’, I love mixing these two formulas. The other staple would be the face mist – it’s so easy to apply when you’re on the go, it’s always in my bag for a quick pick-me-up amidst long days. Last but not the least, I love me some lip balm. A strong and super effective lip balm is something I always need.

How do you see LoveChild disrupting the existing beauty space?

We aim to disrupt the beauty space by approaching it from the Wellness angle & also from the fact that the packaging of the brand is looked at as a collectable. Not to mention the fact that we are priced extremely well. The idea that a balanced, wholesome lifestyle can do wonders for you and in fact make cosmetic products look better.