Bipasha Basu will always be the OG 90s and 00s it girl, no? Right from her modelling days to her smashing performance in movies like Raaz, Corporate and Race— we’ve always been in awe of her beauty. In a country so obsessed with fairer skin tones, Bipasha being the dusky goddess she is, pretty much revolutionized the wrongful standards Indian society held for beauty.

Fast forward to now, she’s happily married to Karan Singh Grover ( who, by the way, is still my crush— umm, hello Dr Armaan Malik?) The couple recently announced that they’re expecting their first child and we couldn’t be more excited and happy for them! However, we’re here to talk about Bips’ makeup choices, which throughout the years have been a sight for sore eyes. Lately, she’s been all for fresh and radiant makeup, and rightfully so. Bipasha is certainly someone who loves playing around and making statements with her lipsticks and eyes. However, she seems to be a sucker for a radiant and fresh base. What we love the most about her makeup looks is how she loves experimenting with vibrant lipsticks.

Here are a few times when Bipasha made a strong case for radiant and fresh makeup—

Fresh As Always

Bips loves herself a good, fresh base and rightfully so. It makes her skin glow like nothing else! Here we see her eyes with some warm eyeshadow and her lips with a classic nude lipstick.

Paint The Town Red

If there’s anybody who can master the red lip to perfection, it’s got to be Bipasha. With a clean no-makeup face, her lips are graced with a cool-toned red that makes a striking statement.

Keepin’ It Pink

She sported the vibrant pink lip before it was cool! Who said dusky women can’t carry off pink lipstick? Look at our Bips teach us a lesson or two.

Soft Glam

It’s The Time To Disco

A glitzy outfit always calls for some glitzy makeup and Bipasha carries it off oh-so-well! With a sweep of glitter over her eyelids that complements her stunning outfit, it’s safe to say that her eyes are the star of the show!

The Feline Flick

There isn’t anything sharper than Bipasha’s eyeliner flick, no? If I’m being honest, it takes me at least 5 tries before I manage to get that perfect wing. But look at her making winged eyeliner look so easy!

Peach Flush

Yes, we know the red lip is in the limelight here. But we’re also gushing over the perfect peach flush Bips is sporting. Most often, dusky-skin-toned women shy away from peach hues, but just take a look at how ethereal it looks!

Brown Shimmer

There we have the red lip again, not that we’re complaining at all! But here we see Bipasha’s eyes being graced with a sweep of brown shimmer eyeshadow that goes seamlessly with the rest of her makeup.

Bronze Vibes

We already know Bips is quite the goddess. It’s a double win for us when we see her ace the whole bronzed glamour vibe. Right from the eyeshadow to the perfectly bronzed cheeks, every part of this makeup look is absolutely stunning.

“Steeling” Our Hearts

Most of Bipasha’s makeup selfies aren’t without her sharp, black eyeliner. So when we saw her sport some sexy, steel grey eyeliner— safe to say that we loved it! 

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