There is always glitz and glam that we love and we can’t get enough of, especially, in the world of fashion and entertainment. Recently, a new space phenomena of dancing stars called #JDJ10 that was buzzing on social media a few days back doesn’t seem to die down.

And when our favourite talk of the town Uorfi Javed also gets inspired by it, then it surely is a big deal. Uorfi has yet again made a fashion statement where she donned a sparkly wonder to resonate with this gorgeous phenomenon. She styled a halfway through sheer dress with a sequin panelling. Urfi looked like an absolute bomb and creates a stunning replica of the ‘Dancing Stars’ phenomenon.

Uorfi has always stood out with her fashion choices. They’re always a cut above the rest. This specific piece has raised a storm with the sequin lining and more so the recreation makes it an absolute show stealer.

Urfi’s dressed a cutout in the middle which showed off her torso. The multicoloured sequin lining was a stand out. Her makeup was minimal with blush toned cheeks, glossy lips and her hair in a neat pulled back, side partition pony with a few sparkles in her hair.

Urfi kept it minimal and let her dress do the talking. We are on our toes and can’t wait to know more about #JDJ10 dancing stars phenomenon. Until then, stay tuned.

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