Diipa Büller Khosla needs no introduction at all. The global influencer has made her mark in this ever-hustling world as a successful influencer, activist and now beauty entrepreneur too. With a barrage of skincare brands out there trying to make space for themselves in this community, indē wild, Büller-Khosla’s brainchild has gained itself a space in the spotlight for sure. An amalgamation of Ayurveda and chemistry created a little something called Ayurvedistry and indē wild was born. 

If you’ve been following Diipa’s skincare journey on the Internet as the rest of us have, you’re definitely not going to be oblivious to the fact that she’s had her own struggles with acne and uneven skin for years. These are commonplace skincare concerns for most South-Asian women, amirite? That was her premise for creating indē wild, the fact that Indian women deserve skincare products that cater to their skin and the concerns it deals with. We sat down with Diipa for a lil rendezvous in order to get to know her and indē wild a little better. 

What was the entire journey of bringing indē wild home like?

It was the best feeling to bring indē wild home because indē wild is such a huge part of India. The name, the roots from Ayurveda and the women it caters to. It’s all related to my country and  I felt like all the hard work has finally paid off.

Instead of choosing makeup, you chose skincare. Why is that?

It was definitely my personal struggle and skincare journey that made me pick skincare and I personally don’t use a lot of makeup. I believe in no-filter skin and that’s also what indē wild stands for.

Is there a specific reason as to why you launched just 2 skincare products as opposed to an entire range?

There isn’t a specific reason, I think we knew what we were doing and just wanted to put all our efforts into perfecting the formulation of these two serums before foraying into an entire range. Perhaps, we will have new launches coming in the future!

What are a few skincare tips your mother has passed down to you?

I remember my mum always made me use Chandan with a pinch of Haldi and yoghurt, and that simple mask has cured all my skin ailments. For hair, mum has a beautiful DIY as well with a bit of sesame oil, hibiscus and bhringraj together and I swear by it for my Sunday champis (oil massages).

What does skincare mean to you?

Skincare to me means minimalism, it’s not about using 10,000 different products, but just a few products that are really suited for your skin type & work for you and enjoying that. Having healthy, glowing skin starts with having a minimalistic skincare approach & routine.

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