If there’s anybody who is a series regular on Koffee With Karan, it has to be our girl Bebo, no? With each season, she just gets better and better! What I personally love about her the most is the banter she engages in with Karan Johar. I mean is it really a Koffee WIth Karan episode without her roasting Karan and making fun of everything he does? This episode was no exception at all! I was in splits every single time she said something to Karan.

However, apart from her playful personality and sass, what kept me hooked throughout was her stunning minimalist makeup. Usually, Bebo is the maximalist makeup gal with her dramatic winged eyeliner and cheekbones that are contoured to perfection. Also, how could we forget that perfect pout of hers which has broken the Internet one too many times? Bebo is defo the reigning beauty queen when it comes to B-Town, and this Koffee With Karan episode just proved that. For a change, the whole subdued makeup look was a vibe we couldn’t get enough of!

So we decided to help you recreate it because we’re going to be doing that anyway!

The Base

Like always, Kareena is seen with a rather fresh and radiant base. To achieve this prep your skin with moisturiser and opt for an illuminating primer. Doing this will ensure that your makeup stays put all day and has a brightening effect. Next, choose a dewy foundation to ace that glowing effect like Kareena.

The Eyebrows

Kareena’s brows are perfectly tamed and defined, and that just structures her entire look, don’t you think so? Choose an eyebrow pencil that matches the colour of your eyebrows to the T and begin filling the sparse areas, be sure to define the ends of your eyebrows like Kareena. If you feel like they’re still not filled in, take an eyebrow powder to make them stand out.

The Eyes

For a change, we see Kareena with quite the neutral nude eye as opposed to her dramatic winged eyeliner. Choose a peach-toned nude eyeshadow and wash your eyelids with it. Be sure to line your under eyes with the same shade so as to make em pop!

The Lashes

Okay, those long fluttering lashes are literally the stuff dreams are made of! And since Bebo has decided to ditch the eyeliner, they’re a lot more prominent no? First, curl your lashes. Then choose a lengthening and volumising mascara, and begin applying it by wiggling the wand at the base first. It’s always best to go in with at least 2 coats of mascara to get dreamy lashes like Kareena.

The Cheeks

NGL, we’re so used to getting a glimpse of Bebo’s famously contoured cheekbones. I mean, I jumped into the world of contouring all thanks to her. Here we see her with a soft coral blush and it’s a refreshing change, one that we could definitely get used to. Choose a cream coral blush and use your fingers to dab it on your cheeks, this will evenly blend it and make it look natural AF!

The Lips 

Okay, Bebo’s pouts are a national treasure. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING can ever replace how iconic they are. We’re always used to seeing hues of striking red and bright fuchsias but leave it to Bebo to show us that she owns a nude pout too! Opt for a coral-hued matte lipstick to ace this look.

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