Alia Bhatt recently said that 2022 was her year, and we definitely agree. From getting married to her longtime crush, Ranbir Kapoor to finding out she’s going to be a mother to working on an international project with Gal Gadot— it truly is her year! And if that wasn’t enough, she’s got quite a few upcoming projects in the pipeline that we’re so excited to see. One film that we’re looking forward to seeing is Darlings, which comes out today on Netflix ie. 5th August!

Starring Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma and Roshan Mathews, Darlings is a dark comedy that seems like it’s going to be quite the laughter riot. Lately, Alia has been out and about the city promoting Darlings and we must say she’s as radiant as ever. We can’t tell if it’s the pregnancy glow, the Ranbir glow, the glow of success or just all of them blended together. Being quite the beauty trendsetter, we’re obsessed with the makeup looks she has been sporting for these promotions. She looks every bit ethereal and here’s proof!

Ray Of Sunshine

Trust Alia Bhatt to look like the ultimate sunflower. She’s opted for a warm, sun-kissed makeup look here and let’s just say we’re a fan. Alia’s thick brows are tamed to perfection, the look defined and fluffy at the same time. She’s chosen a warm brown eyeshadow that complements her outfit perfectly. The star of the show has got to be her bronzed cheekbones that are exuding a subtle glow. Alia’s lips are a peachy nude, a colour that seems to be her go-to shade.

Nude Glam

If there’s any Bollywood actress who can perfectly ace the entire nude, minimal makeup look, it’s Alia Bhatt. She converted a makeup maximalist like me into a makeup minimalist! Here we see Alia with a fresh and clean base. Her brows are gently filled in while she has a wash of some nude eyeshadow over her lids. This is really making those fluttering lashes pop, isn’t it?  Alia’s gone in with a really subtle coral-toned blush and skipped out on any bronzer or contour. She’s sealed the look with a classic nude lipstick that looks like its perfect for everyday use.

Neutrals For The Win

Yeah yeah, we know those HUEMN jeans are clearly where everybody’s attention is. But we’re looking at Alia’s smashing neutral makeup, and we’re loving what we’re seeing. As always, she’s with her coveted clean base. This time around Alia’s chosen to coat her eyelids with some chic brown eyeshadow, with a similar colour of shimmer. Her cheeks have a really subtle wash of colour with some coral blush. She’s gone back to her classic nude lip here too!

Smokey And Sparkly

Did someone say sparkles? We rarely ever see Alia hop on the maximalist makeup vibe, but whenever she does, we can’t help but obsess over it. Her bushy brows are defined and filled to perfection. But all our eyes are on that stunning eyeshadow of hers— a classic smokey eye with a dash of shimmer. Alia also lined her waterline with kohl to further intensify the eye drama a tad bit. We see her go all out with the blush and contour with this look and we love it. Just look at those cheekbones!

A Pop Of Brick

At this point, we’re pretty much convinced that nobody aces the entire clean girl makeup look like Alia Bhatt does. Her clean base is looking as fresh and radiant as ever here, no? It looks dewier than usual, and we’re all heart eyes. Her eyes have a really subtle wash of coral over them, with her waterline being lined by the same colour. Unlike the usual nude lip Mrs Kapoor loves, this time she’s opted for an orangish-brown lipstick that looks like a welcome change.

Love Is In The Air

Love has definitely been in the air long enough for Alia Bhatt, but we’re not talking about her love life here at all. Her romantic makeup look is creating quite the ripples on the internet. With an illuminating base, Alia’s brows seem much more defined than usual. She’s chosen a rosy pink eyeshadow that is quite the contrast to her navy blue outfit. We also see a subtle contour making an appearance. She seems to have dialled up on the highlighter quite a bit, but hey we’re not complaining! Notice the faux freckles? We do and we love em! Her lips are a dusty pink that’s brighter than her usual choices.

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