A former IT professional, Subhav Dubey took to gaming during the lockdown, eventually turning his hobby into a full-time career. He has grown exponentially as a creator during the past two years, gathering support from millions. Subhav prefers connecting with his fans personally. One of the heartiest moments of his journey was when a fan asked for his well wishes before a heart surgery and came back healthy while talking to him in the chat box. He loves such moments and considers himself to be a family-oriented person.

We sat down with Subhav as he speaks about his passion, his journey and life beyond it all.

1. Tell us a little about your journey, how and when did you enter the gaming world?

A.I’ve been an avid gamer ever since I was a child and followed my passion even as an adult. My gaming journey started on my black and white, Windows 95 desktop, and continued all throughout my school and college. Even while working in the IT industry as a full-time professional, I would somehow always find time for gaming. I never gave up on this hobby. I only started streaming in 2020 purely by coincidence. While scrolling on Facebook, I landed up on Facebook Gaming, without any knowledge of what it was and created my own page on a date I still remember – 16th April, 2020. There has been no looking back ever since. 

2. Did you face any challenges?

A.I created my page at a time when I was already working at an IT company and had little or no time to spare during the day. I had also been accepted to a prestigious management institute for my post-graduation. In the beginning itself, I had to learn to multitask and juggle – between work, studying, and streaming…but my love for gaming eventually won. 

Since I hail from Etawah, which is a relatively small city in Uttar Pradesh, another daunting challenge was bad internet connectivity in the city. I often found it difficult to stream in low bandwidth but as they say, where there is a will, there is a way! I found solutions for these technical issues and started streaming full-time. 

Today, I am proud to have a community of my own, which has assisted me in pursuing my passion and making a living from it.

3. How did Facebook help you grow as a gaming creator?

A. As a new streamer, I had to explore a lot of technicalities and invest time in learning everything about live streaming from the ground up, all by myself. Facebook was the first platform I chose to live stream, and looking back, I often feel like I definitely made the right choice. Facebook helped me build a strong community online. Today, I have an audience that not only resides in India but watches my streams from countries like the USA and UK as well. I receive a lot of positive messages from my viewers, and I have Facebook to thank for that.

4. Tell us one quirky fact about you that no one knows.

A. I have NEVER tasted tea or coffee.

5. Name the game you love streaming/ playing online.

A. If it has a good story and is cinematic, I’m all up for it. Days Gone, God of War, Wolfenstein series are a few of those. 

6. Who is your inspiration?

A. Arguably the biggest streamer on the platform- Stonemountain64.

7. One piece of advice you want to give other gaming creators?

A. There is no shortcut to success. Initially, I had minimal or no audience watching my streams. That time was extremely challenging for, me but I however, made it a point to stream every day for 6 months, regardless of the number of viewers. This experience taught me that persistence and hard work is key.

8. What skills are required to become a gaming creator?

A. Passion for gaming is the first and foremost. If you can’t enjoy the games you play, your audience wouldn’t either. Apart from that making sure your viewers are engaged and entertained is extremely important! In order to do this, one has to work on their oratory skills and make it a point to interact with their viewers. 

Lastly, it is also very important to ensure that no technical glitches occur during the live stream. It can cause a lot of havoc and disrupt the viewer’s experience.

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