I went from an avid beer drinker to only consuming gins. Now how did that happen, you might ponder? Well, at a fun Friday night soiree, my uncle whipped me up a quick Negroni and I was sold! Fast forward to the whole evening, where all I sipped on was that delish cocktail. And ever since then, gin has become my choice of poison. But let’s get real, not everyone’s always had a favourable experience with gin. A lot of the individuals I know, stay away from this spirit. 

However, there’s a lot to know and learn about gin that most of you may not know. As a liquor, Gin has been present for over centuries! Did you know that it can be distilled from practically any ingredient out there? Whether that’s berries or simple fruit or grains. However, what makes it stand apart is the use of the botanical juniper in its distillation. Seasoned gin-lovers can always tell when the juniper berries are all fresh and good! The primary flavour of any gin is always the juniper with the secondary flavour being that of other botanicals, spices or berries.

Being quite the self-proclaimed gin expert, I’ve had the pleasure of tasting quite a few different ones. Here’s a list of all the ones that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed—

Beefeater, London Dry Gin

Beefeater, London Dry Gin (Source: www.bigbasket.com)

Everyone enjoys a classic London Dry Gin from time to time. There are quite a few liquor brands out there that make a great London Dry Gin even though it doesn’t have to be made in London. However, there is one rule every London Dry Gin needs to follow and that is no colour or flavour can be added after it’s distilled, unlike other liquors. Beefeater stands apart because its recipe includes nine botanical ingredients ranging from juniper to lemon peel and Seville orange. It can be used in almost every cocktail out there

Hendricks Gin

Hendricks Gin (Source: www.bigbasket.com)

Now the Hendricks classic gin is definitely a unique one on this list. What makes it so unique is the process that goes behind making it. Were you aware that to make this gin, the first 2 separate concoctions are made? The first one is a rich spirit whilst the second one is a more refined one. Each of these is infused with 11 different botanicals like juniper, chamomile, elderflower and cubeb berries to name a few. After that, these two mixtures are married together and are then further infused with rose and cucumber. Yep, we meant when we said this one was unique.

Stranger and Sons Gin

Stranger and Sons Gin (Source: www.masterofmalt.com)

A homegrown brand that kinda shook the gin scene in India when it launched, Stranger & Sons has definitely made a mark. It’s distilled right here in Goa, how cool is that? The blend of botanicals used in its creation is lemon, coriander and homegrown peppers along with Indian citrus peels from Gondhoraj Limes in Calcutta. With this eclectic combination, you can say that it does a really great job at bringing out the richness India has to offer. Personally, I enjoy a classic G&T with this one.

Greater Than, No Sleep Gin

Greater Than, No Sleep Gin (Source: www.livingliquidz.com)

Greater Than is already my favourite gin, not just because it happens to have a super smooth taste but also because it’s quite easy on the pocket for the price it offers. This limited edition gin by them was created in collaboration with Sleepy Owl, hence the name. Coffee-infused gin? That’s two of my favourite beverages right there! What’s quite intriguing about the No Sleep Gin is that Greater Than chose to stay away from any sugar or coffee extracts and instead opted for a cold, smooth brew with 100% Arabica coffee to be infused into the gin distillate. 

Samsara Gin

Samsara Gin (Source: www.samsara.com)

Samsara is another homegrown gin that happens to be distilled right here in Goa. It’s made using the method of the London Dry and definitely checks all the boxes. Again this one is created using 11 botanical extracts that range from juniper berries, hemp seeds and cardamom. I certainly think Samsara’s gin has quite a unique taste which can be attributed to the presence of hemp seeds, I mean how often do you come across those in a drink? Lemme tell you a little secret, make your Negronis with this one and you will NOT be disappointed.

Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin 

Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin (Source: www.manila-wine.com)

Fun fact, pink is my favourite colour of all time. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t even aware a pink gin existed and then I came across Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin. This is made using a very subdued flavour of juniper berries and natural fruits. And you can definitely make out the fruits with the first sip itself. Traces of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant and definitely so evident. Since this Premium Pink Distilled Gin happens to be fruity, it’s best to mix it with a fruit mixer from the same family.

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