It’s that time of the year again, and I am legit on cloud 9 because it’s Bigg Boss time. Yes, with 15 successful seasons, it is time for us to welcome Bigg Boss 16 into our midst. Especially, if the theme is going to get as crazier as promised in the show’s announcement with host Salman Khan, I would literally be glued to my TV set. Well, this time we all need to gear up for things to turn upside down for Bigg Boss will not just be a gracious host this season. Get ready for the house to turn SUR-REAL this time, but before that…

Watch the promo here:

Seeing Salman Khan return with all his charm is a delight in itself. But to learn that this year Bigg Boss will play the game with the contestants has simply left me mind-blown. In the promo, Salman gives us a word of caution about how Bigg Boss won’t be a spectator anymore. This time Bigg Boss is the man with the plan, and I am truly looking forward to Bigg Boss 16. But what I am even more excited about is to see who all will be a part of this surreal experience. Though some names have already started cropping up, that’s a story for another day.

It’s coming soon with the drama, excitement, and entertainment added in dollops. So stay tuned for all interesting updates on BB16 right here. Till then, I am treating myself to some juicy fight from Bigg Boss 15, toodles!