Humans have a relationship with food that can only be described as special. It can be personal,
it can be polarizing and it’s almost impossible to find someone without a strong opinion about it.
As a highly communicative species, we’re drawn to shared experiences – and there’s few things
more social and joyous than sharing a great meal. We’re the only species on the planet that
took a basic need like food and turned it into an art form with presentation, preparation,
flavour-pairing and human-centered delight at its core.

Naagin Sauces

We sat down with experts from Naagin Sauces to discuss the spice culture in India and understand the love for spice in the minds of Indians.

Naagin is imagined and rooted in India, creating a unique range of hot sauces and spice essentials designed for the Indian taste palate. Naagin was launched to create this alternative. Founded in 2019, Naagin is a company with a rebellious spirit and a clear objective: to offer instant taste upgrades to people who want better food, and to bring a modern twist to India’s historic and passionate relationship with spices. With a focus on championing quality ingredients, Naagin’s mission is to put Indian chillies on the global
map and represent India’s rich spice culture on kitchen shelves and dining tables

But why do people love it in the first place?

There are few things in life that can simultaneously bring you joy, satisfaction, and adrenaline
like hot sauce can. Hot sauce is one of them. This fiery little condiment can turn an ordinary
dish into a culinary adventure. So if you’re the kind of person who loves to spice things up
(there’s at least one in every family), or if you just love flavourful food (there’s many in every
family) then you should know a little more about hot sauce.
The market’s filled with a variety of spicy sauces with an assortment of flavours, colours,
textures and intended uses. If you’re a fan of spicy food, then you know that a little spice is an
essential ingredient in many dishes. But with so many different types of hot sauce on the
market, you need to find the one for you. Here’s 3 things to keep in mind to help you choose
the perfect hot sauce for your spicy food needs.


There’s no right answer here. It’s all about what you enjoy and what you’re comfortable with.
Everyone has their own level of tolerance when it comes to spicy food. Some people can power
through the spiciest of hot sauces, while others can start hiccuping at the slightest hint of spice.
Pick one that suits you, but don’t be afraid to push your boundaries – you might be surprised
with what you can handle and how much you love it!


Pay attention to the things that are important to you so you can make the right choice for you.
There’s all kinds out there: Some use high-quality chillies by name while others may use a paste
made from assorted chilli varieties. Some slightly healthier hot sauces are made with fresh,
natural ingredients, while others are mixed together with purees and dehydrated powders.
Some sauces with real ingredients can often vary in colour from one batch to another while
there are also sauces that maintain bright attractive shades with the use of artificial colours and
flavours to maintain standardization.

sNaagin Sauce

Flavour & Usage

It’s hard to talk about one without the other. Do you want a hot sauce that’s packed with
flavour, or one that’s more subdued? It might depend on what you want it for – but the best hot
sauces are either the ones which taste the best and are the most versatile.
● There are popular International flavours like Chipotle, Jalapeno and Peri Peri. They’re
often used as condiments with Western bread-based cuisines and can be
interchangeable based on your preference.

● There’s more Eastern flavours like the many Sriracha, Schezwan and Sweet Chilli sauces
out there which are more suited to soups, rice and noodles and sometimes used more
for cooking than as a dip.
● The most common ones are simply called ‘Red Chilli’ and ‘Green Chilli’ which are usually
the more generic flavours with limited depth, dominated by a vinegary taste and used
for its heat or sourness.
● Lastly there are Indian hot sauces made for the Indian taste palate, characterized by
complex flavours and rich textures. A great hot sauce choice would be the flavour bomb
for Western cuisines, an enhancer with Indian snacks and a handy cooking aid in the

It seems we’re hard-wired to love certain aspects of spicy food. It elevates your heart rate just
a little, your adrenaline starts to flow and you feel alive! In short, it’s a thrill.
Humans are the only species on the planet that can enjoy the burn of a hot pepper because we
love to push boundaries, constantly experimenting and improving everything we can. Add that
to the sheer variety and versatility of chillies, as well as the unlimited culinary ingenuity of
people everywhere (just look at Instagram and Tiktok) that has helped make hot sauce such a
popular category worldwide. There’s so much to love here!