Dopamine dressing is a fashion trend that’s been dominating our feeds and our targeted ads for quite some time now. And we’re not complaining at all. This brand-new fashion trend has inspired an equally exciting nail trend called dopamine nails. Now if you’re not a netizen of the Internet, these terms may be a tad bit confusing for you. Let us give you a deep dive into this newfound, glamorous trend.

Most people opt for the minimalistic route when it comes to getting their nails done. Neutral hues paired with french tips or embellished nails seem to be a fan favourite. But let’s be real, vibrancy has a different vibe to it altogether. Especially when it comes to something like getting your nails done. Dopamine nails are a burst of colour, happiness and all the excitement that life has to offer. The best part about this nail trend is that there’s so much you can experiment with— colours, patterns, you name it! And the best part is you can go berserk with nothing holding back your creativity. Want a pop of pink and green with some patterns? Go right ahead! This is exactly why we hope dopamine nails are here to stay.

In case you’ve had a change of mind for your next mani appointment, here are a few designs we’ve bookmarked for ourselves!

Barrage Of Patterns

Eat Yo Greens And Paint Em Too

Chic Fun

Neutral Vibes

Did Someone Say Spongebob?

Swirly Love

Vibrant Crocs

Abstract Obsessions

Floral Magic

A Lil Bit Of Everything

Colourful Happiness

Soft Glitter

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