If you’re like me, a perpetually single soul who finds solace in adorable fictional relationships, then you’re gonna love this piece for sure. Sometimes being totally invested in a relationship you’ve seen on TV can be so comforting, no? While the plotlines, drama that ensues and the costumes of a TV show can be hella intriguing, the hopeless romantic in me is always glued on to a particular show because of its adorable couples.

Over the years, we’ve grown up with countless TV shows and sitcoms that haven’t just made us laugh or become a part of our routine, but also shaped our lives in one way or another. We’ve either longed for a love like theirs or constantly tried to emulate it in our relationships. On gloomy and dreary days, when all hope is lost, the thought of love is always present to warm your heart. Whether you’re a fan of mildly toxic relationships, goofily adorable relationships or the most uncanny relationships, there’s a little something for everyone, isn’t there?

Here are  TV couples that make us fall in love with love each time we watch them onscreen.

Claire and Phil, Modern Family

You ever have one of those sitcoms that you grew up watching, and only have the fondest memories associated with it? That’s Modern Family for me. Claire and Phil Dunphy aren’t your typical lovey-dovey couple. They’re best friends, and that’s what makes their relationship so special. Right from their infamous Valentine’s Day dates where they cosplay to constantly roasting each other, they prove that marriage is so much more fun when you’re married to your best friend. Let’s be real, no one could raise kids better than Claire and Phil did. Teamwork makes the dream work, amirite?

Meredith and Derek, Grey’s Anatomy

Um, I could talk about the epic romance that is Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd for hours. Can any of us listen to Chasing Cars without sobbing buckets and being reminded of this couple? What began as a fun, one-night stand between a new intern and an established surgeon, ends up being a tale of a lifetime. If there’s any couple that has endured tribulations, it’s gotta be them. From secrets to car crashes and shootouts, and even plane crashes— their love has endured it all. Watching Meredith let Derek go when he passes really did take a toll on me. 

Jack and Rebecca, This Is Us

For months I heard everyone around me go on and on about Jack and Rebecca from This Is Us, and I finally decided to give it a watch. Boy, was I in for a treat. Dare I say that these 2 are the ultimate relationship goals? Jack strived his best to give the world to Rebecca, and both of them together really proved that love is all the world needs. A legendary love story in its own right, they set an example that love isn’t something you settle for. You make it extraordinary and worth remembering.

Damon and Elena, Vampire Diaries

Every teenage girl’s favourite ship while growing up, the Delena ship had a massive fanbase. Damon Salvatore and Elena from Vampire Diaries are easily the internet’s favourite intense couple. While Stefan and Elena made a great couple too, there’s no doubt that Damon yearned for and loved Elena more. Their relationship may have seen quite a few downs compared to the ups, I’m always going to be Team Damon.

Brooke and Julian, One Tree Hill

Easily one of television’s most adored couples, Brooke Davis and Julian Baker was a dream together. As an ardent OTH fan, I was extremely invested in all of Brooke’s relationships and watching her get her heart broken each and every time was so sad. When Julian comes along and shows her that love is truly a beautiful thing, Brooke gets her fairytale romance. Julian supports and celebrates Brooke more than any person in her life, and that’s hella heartwarming. 

Seth and Summer, The OC

In an unlikely match, Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts were one of my favourite couples growing up. NGL, their storyline was a tad bit clichéd— an awkward introvert falling for one of the school’s most beautiful and popular girls. However, Seth deserves props because after all, he named a boat after her. When Seth finally mustered up the courage to approach Summer, they ended up having quite a rocky relationship. However, it warms my heart to know that through all of their trials and tribulations, they ended up with each other. Fellas, this is your sign to take the shot!

Caleb and Hannah, Pretty Little Liars

Okay, we know romance wasn’t on everyone’s mind when we were busy watching Pretty Little Liars because we were on the edge of our seats throughout. However, Caleb and Hannah had my heart ever since they first appeared onscreen together. Amidst the dangerous chaos they lived in, it was kinda refreshing to see them together through all of the danger and the lies. Caleb truly understood Hannah and chose to be a part of her life despite it being dangerous. They might not have been endgame, but I was rooting for them throughout. 

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