Gauri Khan launched the third collection of Zoya. After launching Rooted and 9122 Hollywood Boulevard, Beyond A Boundless Journey is their latest collection. Guari sparkles in their pieces and looks radiant as ever. Khan sits down with us for a chat and discusses her connection with Zoya and the significance of jewellery in her life.

Gauri Khan at the launch of the new collection for Zoya

• Have you always loved jewellery? Or is it something that happened over time?

Well, I’ve always loved jewellery. I remember being fascinated with my grandmother’s jewellery, which used to keep hidden in a locker.

• You’ve launched three collections for Zoya, which is the most special?

Each collection from Zoya has been very beautiful and very different. Rooted was colourful and vibrant, inspired by the rain forest. 9122 Hollywood Boulevard celebrated the glamour of different eras of Hollywood but Beyond A Boundless Journey, I feel so it has really outdone itself. The pieces celebrate the feminine spirit with design inspiration from the river Indus. it is exceptionally beautiful.

• Tell us about the pieces you are wearing today

This necklace I’m wearing is one of my favourites, it is called a Flush of Evergreen. The emeralds, morganite and diamonds they create a very dramatic effect and the piece although is very large, it’s very fluid and comfortable. because the crafting is excellent.

• When you style a look, do you choose clothes first or the jewellery?

 Well, it depends if it’s a statement piece like the one I am wearing today, then I usually choose the outfit based on the jewellery.

• What’s the most special piece of jewellery you have ever owned?

I think it would be my mother’s wedding set.

• How do you like your jewellery styling- minimal or over the top?

Yeah I think over the top. Yeah, I think over the top is good.