For years, Victoria’s Secret has been every woman’s top choice when it comes to luxurious lingerie, comfortable intimates, and refreshing body care. As Indian women, we’ve always had to stock up on our favourite essentials from Victoria’s Secret on our international trips or wait for our friends and family to bring some back for us. However, we thank our stars because Victoria’s Secret has spread its wings to India and opened its first store in Phoenix Palladium, Mumbai.

If you ask me, and countless other women out there, Victoria’s Secret has been a safe haven for sexiness, if I may. My first-ever push-up bra was purchased from here, and I’ll never forget that feeling of confidence and sexiness I experienced. Pioneers of lingerie, Victoria’s Secret has been at the forefront of making women ease into the comfort of their bold selves, don’t you think so?

The best part about their newly-opened store is easily the fact that it’s a full assortment store. This means not only do you get access to the steamiest lingerie from Victoria’s Secret but you also get access to playful, cute athleisure and casual wear from Victoria’s Secret PINK! If you’re not convinced to pay a visit yet, let us tell you exactly what’s available at the store— Comfortable and chic corsets with stunning details, bedazzled bras that deserve a spot on your shelf, luxurious intimates, vibrant co-ord sets with the iconic VS PINK logo, now who wouldn’t want these?

And did you really think their legendary fragrances and body care wouldn’t be available here? A wide selection of their body mists, lotions, and perfumes which encompass the cult favourite Bombshell variant are all available here. Now, you don’t really need to rely on your international trips and struggle to fit everything into your bag anymore!

What we personally loved about Victoria’s Secret’s full-assortment store in Phoenix Palladium is the fact that there are “bra-fittings” offered by in-store experts to guarantee you the fit of your dreams. 

So, if you haven’t yet had a chance to walk into the paradise that is the newly-opened Victoria’s Secret store, don’t waste any more time!