It’s that time of the year again. The air is infused with the aromas of delectable sweets, giggles brimming with unfiltered love and a zestful aura. No wonder then, when the festive season is around, the celebrations are unbounded. And what makes them more glorious are the myriad traditions escorted by every festival. But even though the rituals may vary, the spirit stays the same. 

When it comes to commemorating this festive spirit, where better to start than your humble abode? After all, it is a sacred space that cocoons your beliefs and reverberates your bold optimism and unhinged devotion. It is also believed that a well-adorned home during the festive season is a marker of prosperity and welcomes the blessings of the Almighty. Additionally, it adds to the oomph of the celebrations and that is just the joy of joys. 

This time over, transform your home into a festive paradiso and let the celebrations begin. Be it for hosting family over endless chatter, arranging card parties for friends or welcoming the Gods and their blessings, redecorate your home with elements that will not only breathe new life into your space but also embellish it with poise and grace. 

Here are some fabulous ideas suggested by Anuja Joshi, Co-Founder and CEO of Interflora to get started on your festive decorations!

Minimalistic Green Indoors 

You may have a green thumb or not but festive decor calls for a lush spread of fresh cut blossoms and indoor plants that enliven any space. Flowers such as tuberose, chrysanthemum, roses and carnations, placed in eclectic tinted glass vases will add a dreamy flair to your home. Alongside, complement them with plants such as peace lily, money plant, jade plant and more. The green blend will create a zen-like ambience with a touch of vibrance to complement the festivities. 

A Larger-Than-Life Floral Rangoli

Why stick to the basics when you can be extravagant? Ditch the coloured powder and amp up the entrance of your home with rangoli crafted with flowers, stems & even roots! Accent with diyas, matkas and eccentric motifs that create a festive statement so bright, it leaves you mesmerized. 

Fresh Flower Explosion!

There’s no denying that flowers renew the look of the same old corner and infuse it with a newfound character. Add to the outer silhouette of your home with fairy lights & flowers and give it a glam makeover. And it goes without saying, lay our floral scented candles all around to get that celebratory aroma going.  Add tinted glassware with real candles, brass accessories

Add a Personalized Touch

To spruce up your place in a manner that’s unique to you is a special feeling. This festive season, go all the way and create a safe space for your family that reflects the unending love you share for one another. Use unconventional flowers that you associate with & make them your signature!

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