Singles, gather up! A First date is a pivotal moment in every relationship, aren’t they? As exciting as they may be, they’re equally nerve-wracking. I’ve been single for almost 3 years now, so can you imagine the number of first dates I’ve been on? Some of which were wonderful, and some of which were a complete disaster! Planning a first date is probably one of the most confusing things out there, right after the talking stage.

There’s always a slight pang of nervousness hovering around in the air when you’re finally meeting that special someone you’ve been speaking to for days, and picking the wrong place could make it worse. No one wants that, no? So, we’ve made a list of all the places in Mumbai you can visit to make your first date memorable. 

If that date blossoms into something more, you know exactly who to thank!

Nutcracker – For The Quiet, Shy First Date

A fan-favourite amongst those who adore having scrumptious breakfasts, Nutcracker is a rather cute spot for a first date. Especially if you’re looking to keep it quite low-key. Located at Colaba, Bandra West, Lower Parel, and BKC— each and every spot is memorable. Opt for their delectable hot chocolate and pancakes, we promise you that you’re gonna love it! 

Cafe Marina – For The Romantic First Date

Okay, this spot is a hidden gem in the rustic lanes of Colaba. Cafe Marina is a rooftop restaurant that overlooks the stunning Arabian Sea. Perfect for a romantic first date, no? With the sea breeze and the retro music they play, your date will defo enjoy this place. They serve some delicious Chinese food, so knock yourself out.

Prithvi Cafe – For The Rustic & Indie First Date

Ah, one of Bombay’s gems, Prithvi Cafe, situated in Juhu can make for an ideal first date if you’re all about the indie vibe! What’s best is, you can catch a play at the famous Prithvi Theatre with your date and grab a bite later. An open-aired cafe with cute fairy lights that serves a wide variety of delicacies. Ranging from Sulemani Chai and lassi to lip-smacking parathas and Kheema, every item available here is a massive hit. 

Bayroute – For The Resplendent First Date

Some of us enjoy luxurious first dates from time to time, and what’s not to enjoy? If you’re looking for a resplendent evening that exudes an opulent ambience in it’s every nook and cranny, then Bayroute is the place to be! Located in Cuffe Parade, BKC and Palladium, they serve Middle-Eastern cuisine from a quite a few places. You’re going to feel like you’ve taken a trip to Turkey, Dubai and Greece all at once.

The Game Palacio – For A Playful First Date

If you’ve ever wanted to plan a date that’s pretty much out of the box, then The Game Palacio is where you should head. Did you know that this place is a nightclub, a gaming arcade AND a restaurant too? Talk about being multifunctional. 90s kids will absolutely go gaga over this place all thanks to its decor and games. Time to let your Monica Geller come out with all the competitiveness! 

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