I love seeing how Bigg Boss 16 gets more interesting every day. Especially the third week has started on quite a wild note, it has been filled with fights and drama. And looks like these quarrels will only continue today as well. As per the promos, there will be a huge fight between Gautam Vig and Shalin Bhanot. In case you didn’t see the promo, read the Bigg Boss 16 Day 19 promo article here. Not only this, but Shalin will also patch up with Sumbul Touqeer and he will tell her how Tina Datta manipulated him. There will also be an intense discussion between Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta. Well, I am here to give you all the updates from the Bigg Boss house, so stay tuned.

11:26 pm: Tina breaks down

Tina cries while confronting Stalin. She discusses this matter with Nimrit.

11:10 pm: Tina and Shalin get into a bad argument

Tina and Shalin’s issue vents up and they start to argue. They continue to blame each other, while outside Archana gets angry with Sajid. Shalin tells Tina he is hurt by her behavior. He asks her not to call him Sha anymore. Abdu teases the contestants. Tina confronts Shalin over the bedroom switch issue. Tina screams and starts to cry.

11:00 pm: The task begins and Sumbul gets hurt

Shalin, Soundarya, and Gautam win the task and choose the ration. Stan cries after his fight with Archana. Gautam accuses Shalin of hurting him. Shiv shuts the shop because of Archana. Sumbul, Ankit, and Gautam fall down and hurt themselves during the task.

10:41 pm: Bigg Boss asks Archana and Tina about the ration problems

Bigg Boss asks housemates about the food, and they all say how the ration is getting over. He later teases them about how they are in the queue. Bigg Boss later announces a task. Sajid and Abdu have a vegetable and ration shop and the contestants have to earn food from them. Shiv has the power to shut the shop by ringing a bell. Stan gets angry with Archana after she shouts at him for breaking the line.

10:33 pm: Gautam and Shalin’s fight intensifies

Shalin and Gautam’s argument only gets intense. Tina also jumps in. Abdu hugs Shalin and pacifies him. Nimrit also talks about Shalin’s fight as a game. Sajid tells Sumbul to take a stand, and she gets upset over it. Sumbul cries while Tina grumbles over the matter. Sajid also gets angry. Shalin tells Stan how Tina is trying to behave nicely now. Sumbul confronts Tina and Gautam.

10:26 pm: Shalin gets angry at Gautam for taunting Sumbul

Shalin loses his cool on Gautam for taunting Sumbul. He warns Gautam to stay within limits, and Sumbul intervenes. The argument only gets worse. Everyone joins in to calm down the situation. Shalin calls Gautam ‘ladki ke peeche chela’. Tina later discusses the issue with her group. Soundarya and Nimrit also grumble, Shalin overhears and shouts at them again. Gautam accuses Shalin of instigating Sumbul.

10:22 pm: Gautam taunts Sumbul

Gautam taunts Sumbul that she is doing overtime in their room. Tina also taunts her. Sumbul is shell-shocked. Ankit also jokes with Gautam. Sumbul tells Shalin about the taunts.

10: 14 pm: Stan talks to Shalin about Tina Datta

After Tina expresses disappointment to Stan, he talks to Shalin about it. Sumbul also joins them, and they discuss how Tina is manipulative. Abdu sends a message to his family. Contestants start a new day with the Bigg Boss anthem. Later, Abdu sings a Tajik song.

10:07 pm: Tina and Nimrit talk about Shalin

Tina and Nimrit discuss how Shalin is playing a double game. Abdu talks to Shalin. Bigg Boss tells Manya and Sumbul to remove their masks. Bigg Boss announces the nominations. Sumbul, Manya Singh, and Shalin get nominated.

10:01 pm: Priyanka Choudhary confronts Sajid Khan

Priyanka gets angry with Sajid for separating her and Ankit in the bedrooms. Sajid defends his choice of choosing Sumbul. Priyanka also argues with Shiv. Priyanka talks to Ankit about being attached to him. Ankit also confesses his feelings for Priyanka.

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