Yeah yeah, we know Halloween isn’t that big of a deal here, but we still enjoy celebrating it, no? In case you live under a rock and aren’t aware of what Halloween is, let us tell you a lil bit about this famed holiday. Technically known as All Hallows Eve, this day is meant to celebrate the departed souls, including saints and martyrs. Kids enjoy trick-or-treating, houses are decorated wonderfully with ghastly items to add a spooky vibe and everyone’s out partying and having a gala time.

But we gotta admit, our favourite part about Halloween is the wacky makeup. If you’re struggling to put together a costume, let makeup come to your rescue. Let’s be real, spooky makeup is the best way to add that touch of horror to your mood. Right from statement eyes, to bloody fangs and body makeup— one can really go berserk when it comes to Halloween makeup.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite makeup looks from all across the internet for you!

Get Vampy

Vampires have been an integral part of our childhood growing up, um Twilight and Vampire Diaries ring a bell? The best way to ace vampire makeup is to go with deep maroon, and berry tones for your eyes and dial up a lot on the smokiness. You can also add some glamour to it by adding hints of sparkle and glitter to the eyes. The lips have got to be a wine hue with some blood dripping from the sides.

Jennifer Is Still In

Probably the MOST iconic horror movie in the history of horror movies, this feminist masterpiece still happens to be a cult favourite after Megan Fox’s stellar performance. The best part about this makeup look is how easy it is to recreate it. All you need to do is do your makeup like you usually do, and add some blood around the corners of your mouth and voila!


Alright, this has to be the most common and most easy makeup looks ever! If you’re confused and flustered about what to choose, go for some classic cat makeup. Here the focus is on the eyes solely, so don’t hesitate to go for an intense cat eye paired with some dramatic eyeliner. Sculpt your cheekbones a little more than usual and go in with some brown lipstick to finish the look. If you’re feeling the Halloween mood a little more than usual, add some whiskers to the look with some eyeliner.

On Wednesdays We Go Goth

The infamous Wednesday Adams had to be on this list. Halloween enthusiasts absolutely love recreating this makeup look because its so easy and iconic. All you need is a paler-than-usual base, along with some grey-toned eyeshadow and some black lipstick and you’re all set!

Skull On

Probably one of the most common Halloween makeup looks out there with a gazillion variations, skull makeup is never going out of style. We absolutely love this because there’s so much you can explore! Opt for a full glamorous makeup look with some smokey eyes and follow it up by using black or any coloured eyeliner to draw lines across your mouth that resemble a skull. Yup, it’s THAT easy!

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