No Bigg Boss season is complete without some romance. And Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta are making sure Bigg Boss 16 is not behind on the romance quotient, and I am absolutely here for it. Things took a turn between the two since yesterday, and you can take a peek at their romance here Bigg Boss 16 Day 60 promo. Find out what’s happening in the latest episode with the live updates…

10:55 PM: Food to be allotted based on their ranks
Once everyone is assigned ranks, Bigg Boss informs them that on the basis of their ranks they will be allotted groceries. The remaining groceries will be Nimrit’s, while she can also take from anyone’s basket.

10:43 PM: Housemates put forth their arguments on the ranking by Nimrit
Tina is at the forefront of argument this puts forth her arguments with the help of Shalin. Ankit and Tina then gang up on Nimrit’s decisions.

10:34 PM: Bigg Boss proposes a task
Bigg Boss asks Nimrit to rank people in the house on the basis of their overall contribution and if anyone is not satisfied with their rank, they should let Nimrit know. He also warns them that this rank may affect their future in the house.

10:30 PM: Shalin asks Tina whether she likes him
Shalin and Tina discuss their equation and how they feel about each other. Tina informs him about her wish to leave the house while Shalin tries to convince her to stay. They then share a hug while Tina professes her love for him.

10:21 PM: Sajid tells Tina that she may have started liking Shalin
That she has drawn a boundary and he can see it in her eyes. While Tina argues that Shalin has no feelings for her and he himself has said so. Sajid concludes the conversation with not to think so much about this.

10:12 PM: Sajid discusses the fights that take place in the house
Sajid talks about how small fights are, but at the end of the day they sit down for a meal together. They then talk about how they’ve calmed MC Stan down.

10:03 PM: Housemates ask Sunny and Bunty their favorites
Tina questions them about how honest Gautam and romance looked. Bunty then tells her how possessive Tina is about Shalin, while Tina believes it is the opposite.

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