Home is where the heart is! Well, I am sure you agree with this adage as much as I do. I feel nothing can ever beat the comfort that our homes give us, for it is that dream which comes through after lots of hard work put in over the years. For me, it’s a dream yet to be accomplished, but many of our celebrities have managed to turn that dream into reality. Today, they have a space to call home, and that is something they have taken great pleasure in designing. And Asian Paints has always played a significant role in helping the design of a house that is an extension of a person’s personality. Telling us those exact stories in Where The Heart Is Season 6 by Asian Paints, Mouni Roy, Anil Kapoor, PV Sindhu, Yuvraj Singh, Pooja Hegde, and Jim Sarbh open the doors to their homes telling us all about their lives in those four walls they absolutely love.

Here’s what you will get to see in every episode:

Episode 1, Ft. Pooja Hegde

In this not only does Pooja give us glimpses of her palatial abode, but she also shares the journey she had in building it. In fact, designing her home gave her an idea about her personality, so this space was more of a self-discovery for her. Being a true labor of love this house brings to her a sense of belonging, comfort, and calmness.

Episode 2, Ft Jim Sarbh

For Jim Sarbh his home is all about tranquility, it is a space full of memories and well, the vibe is home exudes is just beautiful. The villa built in Spanish colonial style truly looks like something straight out of fairy tale dreams. With floral patterns, a beach close by, and large gardens, it’s truly a space you can be lost forever.

Episode 3, Ft Yuvraj Singh

While Yuvraj Singh rules our hearts with his sports skills on the pitch, his heart is ruled by his home. His Chandigarh home is contemporary with a touch of geometry and that’s what makes it his own space. Built from scratch, it’s a memory that is special to Yuvraj, and he has managed to breathe life into that memory quite aptly.

Episode 4, Ft PV Sindhu

For PV Sindhu home is where everything comes together, and when she returns to her home from the court, the comfort she seeks is what this space exactly gives her. The hilltop house in Hyderabad is bold yet minimalistic, but it’s built to perfection.

Episode 5, Ft. Anil and Harshvarrdhan Kapoor

Anil Kapoor opens up on how his magnificent bungalow has been built with blood and sweat, whereas Harshvardhan’s home is minimalistic, yet avant-garde. The feel of Anil’s home will make you feel like being in London, while Harshvarrdhan’s pad is like a window into his mind.

Episode 6, Ft. Mouni Roy

For Mouni home is her family, and her husband and it is all about being cozy. It is a space for her to come back to, and unwind in comfort. While Mouni’s home radiates her personality, it also has warmth. It’s contemporary, yet elegant and stylish, just how Mouni would dream it to be.

I remember how Asian Paints build a narrative of how every home tells a story when I was a kid, and now giving that home a heart and soul only makes it an evident choice for anyone to go with.