Kajol is back with her next film titled ‘Salaam Venky,’ and this one is sure to take you on an emotional ride. Vishal Jethwa, as Venky in the film, takes the cake with his convincing acting which truly makes you empathize with the character. It takes you on a journey with a mother who is fighting against all odds to keep her son alive. While all Venky wishes for is the right to die with dignity, and the right to opt for euthanasia. It punches you right in the gut but also makes you giggle, and a balance of this is what makes the film. Shravan Shah from the Miss Malini team spoke to Kajol and Venky about the film and here’s what they had to say.

Playing the role of a mother in this film, and being one herself, here’s what she had to say about that…

When you become a parent you realize for the first time how it feels like to leave your heart outside your body, and it is there in somebody else completely and you have to live with that. And as parents there is an unknown unnamed fear inside of you at all times that nothing should happen to my child, and the smallest scratch on them hurts you.

She talks about give so much to a film where she didn’t have anything left in her and how it took so much from her. That is when Shah Rukh Khan advised her how she needs to hold something back and learn the craft of acting and not put so much into every film or role.

She also recalls how she once told her mother that she wants to quit acting, and only take on small roles that won’t expect her to do more than saying a few dialogues and do a few dance numbers. Because only after doing Udhaar Ki Zindagi did she figure out that she needs to detach herself from her work and how draining it has been for her.

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