Here’s some news that all the Superman fans may not be pleased with. Henry Cavill announces via an Instagram post that he will no longer be playing the role of Superman. Henry who has played Superman as a part of the DC Universe, since 2013 has decided to step back from the role. For someone who grew up watching him as their Superman, he will always be one for me.

He earlier announced his exit from the Netflix show ‘Witcher’ for the sole purpose of get back on screen to play the role of ‘Superman,’ but Henry seems to have changed his mind about the same. His fans seemed to be upset about this decision, but surely very supportive. A fan added, “You will always be the Superman of our generation.” And rightly so. Henry has been the face of Superman for kids and adults alike, his fandom knew no age bar. It is a legacy too heavy to be carried by another, but I hope the Warner Brothers make a fitting choice to fill these shoes.

Henry in his post also reminded the fans that Superman is still around, everything he believes in still exists, and the examples he set for us are still around. As he passes on this cape, we are yet to find out who it is going to be passed onto.