The ever so iconic ‘Sapno Mein Milti Hai‘ song was recreated with Manoj Bajpayee, Dhvani Bhanushali and Abhimanyu Dassani which got a lot of mixed reviews from both sides who were with and against recreating a classic song. I am sure, this song is very close to the hearts of every 90s kid. Shravan Shah, the Content Head of Miss Malini spoke to the team to discuss what it is like to have the actor who featured in the original, feature in the remake as well. He also shared his honest feelings about one of his old films, Gali Guleiyan.

Shravan asks Manoj ji, whether he had any idea if this song would blow up all these years later. To which he confirmed that he had never imagined as an artist coming from acting in theatres to the big screen. He later spoke about how he

Manoj Ji also didn’t shy away from talking about his film Gali Guleiyan and how it didn’t receive the response he expected. And how his film was shunned away from award nominations and even struggled to get an OTT release. Things however have changed now as he adds,

I was talking to a few major awards people and they said, those days we could not nominate, but now we cannot nominate since it is an old film. It is the only content according to some which is worth enough to be nominated but cannot be.

The effort he put into the film, preparing for the role also took a toll on him and they had to call on a doctor because his ear started ringing and had to be put to sleep with tablets. The doctor later questioned Manoj Ji as to what were his methods of preparing for this role and that he was playing with fire.

The interview ofcourse ended with one thing that is on everyone’s mind. When is the next season of Family Man coming out? Manoj Ji had nothing but laughs for this question. Watch the full interview below to find out more!